Dog Food Hack #1: Just Add Water

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Author: Nathan Dewsbury

Did you know…adding water to your dog’s food has multiple benefits?

Choosing a healthful, nutritious dog food is vital to your dog’s health. Beyond your food choice, however, adding water to your dog’s food benefits your dog (and you) in several ways no matter what dry dog food you choose. Here’s why:

  • Adding water to your dog’s food bowl when feeding a dry kibble will improve the rate of digestion. Hydrating a dog’s stomach contents is a major assist in digestion by starting the breakdown of food particles. Commercial kibble, an extruded product, does not lend itself to breaking apart easily in the stomach, making the addition of water that much more important.
  • Many dogs gobble kibble so fast that large pieces remain. A fast-eating dog increases the likelihood of whole kibble pieces entering the stomach without chewing. Because kibble structure, especially in large pieces, doesn’t break down well it needs additional moisture—which it usually absorbs from your dog’s body by pulling from the surrounding tissues and blood supply. As an added benefit, wet kibble will slow your dog’s eating speed somewhat.
  • This lack of ability for kibble to break down also affects your dog’s digestive access to food, and thus the amount and rate of nutrient absorption in the small intestine. Ever wonder why dog poop smells? Once kibble finally hydrates itself within your dog’s body, it does not let go of that moisture further down the digestive track, which the body’s system might otherwise salvage for reuse. The result is high-moisture dog poop, which is a rich environment for microbes to grow and decay—causing both odor and inconvenience. This is evident days later when it’s accidently stepped on!

Adding water and Rogue Dog Feed’s supplement, Dark Horse, to your dog’s diet adds two additional positive impacts over standard kibble:

  • Water amplifies the advantages of Dark Horse. It accomplishes this by hydrating and energizing the digestive enzymes in the supplement, which in turn helps accelerate breakdown and digestion of both the supplement and any kibble present. Added activity from the enzymes increases digestibility of kibble nutrients that would not be accessible to your dog otherwise.
  • Adding water with Dark Horse to your feed wakes up the battery of probiotics in the supplement. Rehydration of the probiotics helps jump-start reanimation of these “good” microorganisms from hibernation in their dry storage condition. It improves survival rate of the probiotics once in the stomach, as well. When the Dark Horse microorganisms survive the acidic pH levels of a dog’s stomach, it leads to better colonization of the small intestine and further enhances nutrient absorption along with immune health.

The simple step of adding water to your dog’s food bowl results in a significant step in your dog’s health. Combining Dark Horse with water and kibble reduces the amount and condition of digestive waste as well as further improving your dog’s overall health. Improved absorption equals increased nutrient absorption, but it also equals less physical waste, better moisture recovery by the intestine, and less smelly poop—clear benefits for you as well as your dog.

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