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Natural Supplements For Your Pets


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Naturally Sourced Supplements for Dogs

Rogue Pet Science is an all-natural pet products company focused on natural dog supplements and vitamins to improve your dog’s overall nutrition and gut health.

Developing The BEST Natural Dog Supplements And Vitamins

Committed to quality, Rogue Pet Science’s nutritional natural dog supplements and vitamins:

Advanced Formula

Most advanced all-in-one, natural dog supplements

Direct Sourcing

Direct sourcing of all high-quality ingredients

Scientifically Proven

Formulated to meet proven science standards

Made in USA

Made in Texas (so you know it’s quality)

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Origins 5in1 contains good fats

Dietary Fats For Pets

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How We Naturally Came to Be

Having tried every imaginable food and diet with their own pets, the Rogue Pet Science founders realized there was always something not right with dry dog food. 

Being a scientist and in the animal feed and health world, Nate quickly recognized the nutritional deficit our pets faced. After five years of scientific testing and development, we introduced our high-quality natural dog supplements, with the single goal of fixing the nutritional gap left by extruded dry pet foods.

Rogue Pet Science Featured on NewsWatch

Rogue is fixing what’s wrong with the pet industry by making all natural dog supplements and vitamins that are highly digestible and nutritious for your pets