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Hey Nate & Blake here...

We wanted to take a second to welcome you to Rogue Pet Science. Working in pet feed science and health brought us some insight – pet nutrition is often overhyped, and underdelivered. 

Rogue was founded to help bridge that gap with our line of holistic and natural dog food toppers, supplements, and probiotics for dogs. If your pup suffers from digestive issues, allergies, weight loss, or worse – we are confident our products can help.

If there is anything that either of us can do for you personally please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your patronage and support.

How We Naturally Came to Be

5 years of scientific testing and development, our high-quality natural dog supplements finally fix the nutritional gap left by pet foods.

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“Rogue is fixing what’s wrong with the pet industry by making all natural supplements and probiotics for dogs that are highly digestible and nutritious.” – NewsWatch

Toxins in dog food featured image
Nutrition & Gut Health

Toxins In Dry Dog Foods: Part 1

Reading Time: 6 minutes As a leader in pet nutrition, we wanted to arm you with facts. This information will help you make more informed decisions about what these recalls mean and how to improve your pets safety when it comes to toxins in dog food. What Aflatoxin and other Mycotoxins are and how to address them Recently, the

Origins 5in1 contains good fats
Nutrition & Gut Health

Dietary Fats For Pets

Reading Time: 10 minutes The Pet Industry Got It Wrong Look at any pet food package and you’ll see a percentage of crude fat listed. But have you ever thought beyond what that percentage means? Or what crude fat means? We know that fats play an essential role in the biology of humans and pets – but not all

Vital Nutrients For Your Dog Need To Come From Real Food Sources
Nutrition & Gut Health

Why Are Stores Selling It, Experts Recommending It, And Pet Lovers Using It?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Don’t Use Cheap Calories from UNNATURAL Sources For Your Pets Coconut Oil Is Not Good For Your Dog. The only time you would turn to coconut for a primary dietary source of fat or any fatty acids is if you were stranded on an Island and starving. How desperate would you be to turn to

Cute Dog With Tongue Sticking Out
Nutrition & Gut Health

Are the Calories on Your Dog Food Label Correct?

Reading Time: 10 minutes A Calorie Isn’t Always A Calorie. Read This Article To Learn More About Calories And Your Dog. Calories come from 3 places: protein, fat and carbohydrates – these are known as macronutrients…