This is what our customers are saying about going Rogue!

“We thought it would be like other costly supplements that promised a lot of results and never delivered or they only delivered half the promised results. We have a kennel of about 7 dogs and 5 different breeds!  We have to have a product that gives us the most “bang for our buck”, most products can’t meet all of our needs.” – Aisha Jones (Peridot Dogs & Divine Dynasty K9)

 “As a trainer, breeder, handler and owner I would recommend this product to all of my clients. I can actually see the results of this supplement my dog has a shinier coat, I can tell that her gut is happy and she actually likes this supplement! We took this product with us during a show weekend, it traveled well and wasn’t a headache to use.” – Aisha Jones (Peridot Dogs & Divine Dynasty K9)  

“I first tried the product when my working dog would not keep weight on during last winter’s wet and cold December.  He has very little body fat, and he is kenneled outside.  I immediately saw results with weight gain and maintenance, and his overall physical appearance just seemed to bloom.  I now have two working dogs, and I rely on the Rogue supplement to keep them happy, healthy and working hard!”– Tami Stone, SAR Canine Handler / K9-Kemah and K9-Kaja Joe

“I have recommended this product to many friends and family … primarily when they have had a dog that needed extra nutrition, or were picky eaters.   My dogs coats are shiny, they are maintaining a nice weight through the colder weather, and they are happy about what they are eating.” – Tami Stone, SAR Canine Handler / K9-Kemah and K9-Kaja Joe

"My husband and I have 5 athletic Border Collies who compete in the sport of agility. It is critical they are in peak condition and health as beloved family members but even more so as competitive athletes. My 3 year old stopped eating. Specialist visits and testing had inconclusive results. I was broken hearted for my young boy. I'd limit his ingredients and get him back only to have one small variation in a treat start the non-eating cycle all over again. A friend introduced me to Rogue Dog Feed and Nathan who introduced us to the Dark Horse Supplement. Instant turn around for my non-eating boy. All of my dogs are on it and love it. It's been 2 months now without any more issues with my non-eater. I cannot say enough great things about Dark Horse and Nathan. I am certain that Nathan's intent is to provide the best gut health for all dogs and he's hit it out of the park with his Dark Horse Supplement. Thank you Nathan and Rogue Dog Feed! We are loyal customers for life!" - Susan B “Your supplement product is quite splendid! I'm feeding it to my little bastards right now and if I ever forget to put the powder on there, they look at me like I'm crazy. Everything about them is optimal! You engineered this product quite nicely!” – Zachary W “We love Dark Horse!! When the first bag ran out and there was none in her food Bizzy (our miniature Australian Shepherd agility dog) looked at me like, "you expect me to eat this without that good stuff in it?" It took a couple weeks to get more and during that time I noticed a difference in her coat condition. With Dark Horse in her diet her coat is super shiny and soft as silk. Because of Dark Horse's nutritional value we are able to cut her kibble back to less than 1/2 cup per feeding, which saves money. Bizzy is a busy girl - doing agility and running things at the ranch, and Dark Horse provides the quality nutrition she needs to maintain her energy, which is boundless!” – Karen C