There is NO SPACE for Unhealthy Pet Products

Pet owners know there is a problem, pet store owners know there’s a problem, yet pets are still facing a health crisis globally.

“Why are so many unhealthy products made for pets?”

Your pet’s health starts with what YOU feed them. Rogue Pet Science removed the cost barriers to better nutrition by formulating healthy products with proven results!

Rogue Pet Science was founded to make truly healthy products for all pet owners

Rogue was founded by 2 friends who share a passion for nutrition, health, performance, and DOGS! Science, data, and results drive the decisions that Nate and Blake make in their own nutrition and fitness goals, so applying those goals to their own pets just came natural. Nate is a scientist in the production animal health and nutrition space, which means he brought the needed expertise to develop nutrition-based solutions that were founded on sound science and good data. No investors. No marketing wizardry. When they started – all Nate & Blake had was a great product, real results, and a dedication to helping pets and their owners.

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