Solo Training Treats


3 Packs – 1 oz. each

Made with a single ingredient, no preservatives or binders

  • Cold Pressed Pelleted
  • Highest Digestibility & Palatability
  • Sourced & Made in Texas, USA
  • Comes in 3 packs of  1 oz. each

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Solo Training Pellets are sold in packs of 3

Solo: A Training Treat Story

Solo training treats are made from a single ingredient source without the use of binding agents, preservatives, synthetics or hidden products. Owners and dog trainers want to use high value food rewards while maintaining a highly functional food treat. The Solo line of training treats allows just this and more! We keep the nutrition density level high, thus eliminating the need for low quality nutrition density and odd non-species appropriate ingredients (molasses, flours, binders) out of a dog’s diet. The process used to enable Rogue to do this is called cold pressed pelleting.

Why Is Pelleting Superior?

The advantages of the pelleting process makes it an ideal manufacturing method for pet products. The primary benefit of pelleting not only removes the need to heat ingredients to make them stick together, which would only denature the ingredients, but also avoids creating more surface bonds with other ingredients used. By avoiding traditional treats manufacturing methods (hard extrusion, soft treat extrusions, baking, etc) Rogue creates an ideal treat that avoids the use of binders, preservatives, denaturing the ingredients while avoiding the formation of extra bonds that would only resist digestion.

Why Haven’t Other Companies Used This Method?

The short answer is it’s very hard to do this! Very few companies, let alone people, have the expertise to make this process of pelleting work for companion animal products. The Rogue founder is one of those people who has helped other industries and companies the world over to pelletize food for other animal species.

How Is Rogue’s Pelleting Process Different?

Our process is even more difficult to do than normal pelleting, because we use a method called “ cold pressed pelleting.” This modified process avoids a steam cooking step used in other industries. This would denature ingredients and cause moisture to added, thus causing more processing steps and preservative to make shelf stable product. This isn’t needed!

The Rogue pelleting method ensures the highest digestible quality, avoids biological growth issues by not needing moisture and no preservatives are required. We earned the knowledge of our unique process and allows us to deliver a real, honest and functional product that sets the bar for safety!

Solo Training Pellets Treat Flavors – Coming Soon

  • Solo – Smoked Tuna (beta launch)
  • Solo – Liver (coming soon)
  • Solo – Sweet Potato (coming soon)

The Wild Sourced Difference

The benefit of wild sourced tuna simply makes the best ingredient source. Human grade skipjack tuna is the only ingredient used in the first version of our treat. The tuna is smoked then ground down to the correct size that allows our process to press the tuna into a small pellet shape.

Solo Training Pellets – Smoked Tuna

  1. Bioavailable taurine
  2. Ultra low ash
  3. Ultra low phosphate
  4. Contains omega 3 fatty acids
  5. Dog & cat approved