Relief From Licking Paws (allergies) Part 2 / What Can Dog Owners Do To Help?

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image of origings 5in1 supplement bag sizes.

The only all 5in1 system to manage total stress.

There are things you can do and give to support your dog’s natural stress management system.

  1. MEASURE THEIR FOOD: with a real MEASURING CUP, AND FEED AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE TO MAINTAIN A HEALTH BODY WEIGHT. If feeding a kibble food, choosing a moderately priced kibble that they seem to do well on is a great starting point. (Overfeeding might be the biggest issue contributing to allergies that we come across.)
  2. Add highly digestible forms of real food: and reduce the amount of kibble. Add raw, freeze dried, cooked. 
  3. Add digestive enzymes: to further enhance digestive efficiencies of kibble. LOW DIGESTIBILITY OF KIBBLE IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTING FACTORS TO STRESS FROM FOOD. (See just add water article from our dog food hack series here:
  4. Support a healthy gut: With Probiotics, pre-biotics, fatty acids, and highly digestible nutrition. (Origins 5in1 Supplement is the only COMPLETE systems approach product doing this for owners and their pets)
  5. Stop all other food/supplements: Until you have gotten things under control and, then, add things back in one at a time to see if they are adding benefit to your dog’s health. IF IT’S NOT ADDING, IT’S SUBTRACTING. Understanding that no noticed improvement should be an assumed negative until you have removed all inputs, got things under control, and started re-introducing inputs to test impacts one by one. Less could be so much more and save you lots of money in the long run.
  6. Exercise:  This one can go in either direction. Too much exercise can add stress and too little can cause stress of the opposite type. Often too little means that you are overfeeding despite the bag recommendations. This can cause a cascade of negative metabolic consequences. Exercise is super important to metabolic function and the use of nutrition. Without good stress created from healthy amounts of exercise our body does not have a need for the food we are consuming and what it can do with that food becomes less and less efficient leading to undesirable outcomes. Adversely over-exercise without proper rest and nutritional compensations, based on workload, can also have undesirable effects on metabolic function. This is going to require an owner take an honest assessment of their dog’s activity level and test if what they are doing is helping or hurting. Maybe your dog is older and maybe willing and able to run a sport 5 nights a week, but if you are seeing health issues that may not appear to be related to the activity, reducing them to 3 days a week or 2 days and seeing if things improve might be a cheap solution to fixing a health issue. To be clear the only negative impact over-exercising can have on your pet and what those negative health impacts are appearing as is not simply visual injuries…..
  7. NOT OVER REACTING TO CERTAIN ISSUES: Especially loose stools, rash, hives. You have to decide if it’s an emergency and needs vet attention, but if your first reaction is to add something in you might try a 24 hour fast first. Fasting for stomach issues, and rashes, is well documented. It turns out that bad gut bacteria that might be causing the issue replicate at a faster rate and require food to do that. But that also means they die off quicker than the good guys in the absence of food. Throwing fiber in as a first reaction could get you a firm stool, but it could also be adding fuel to a fire. Similarly running antibiotics could be bringing a bazooka to a situation that required a toothpick. Again, this is not a substitute for getting your dog proper veterinary care, but something that might be worth considering.
  8. Once a day feeding: Many adult dogs are enormously benefited from once a day feeding. (puppies and growing dogs need more frequent feeding)  Highly processed food like kibble has a longer digestion time. This means that if food is a contributing factor to over-stress of the dogs system feeding twice a day pretty much guarantees 24 hours of stress on their system, where once a day reduces that by half giving 12 hours for the body to prioritize resources for stress management in other areas. Plus see point one, there is a good chance with treats, chews, etc.,. you are actually constantly feeding and depending on quality and digestibility of those items this can be a big area with a lot of room for knocking down inputs of stress on your dog’s system.


So now you are armed with some real strategies for fixing your dogs licking paws or allergies. You still face the challenge of sourcing quality products/ingredients, and potentially the cost. Well that’s where Rogue Origins 5in1 Supplement can help. For so many dogs, Origins 5in1 Supplement added to their dietwas enough to make the changes needed to improve licking paws or any allergies. These stress management keys as a system are the foundations of where health and performance should start. Rogue Pet Science created Origins 5in1 Supplement to manage these stress systems as an all-in-one daily food topper.

We have done the work of direct sourcing all ingredients that go into Origins 5in1 Supplement, right here in the USA. We have tested each component and proven that we are getting the best impact possible through a BIOMARKER study. Because we know the power and importance of a systems approach to gut health, we can minimize the cost and not overload the system with negative stress, all while maximizing the desired effects and saving you money and time. We offer a money back guarantee. Put us to the test….We Dare You.

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