5 Best Healthy Dog Treats for Every Life Stage

Dogs will eat just about anything. But as a responsible pet parent, you need to feed your dog healthy snacks and food to boost their digestion and provide healthy nutrition for a long, happy lifespan. We’ve got a list of the best healthy dog treats available.

Here Are Our Favorite Healthy Dog Treats this Year

1. Best Healthy Dog Treat Overall: Rogue Pet Science The Yak Stick

The Yak Stick healthy dog treats are loaded with high-quality protein and healthy fats. Formulated based on real nutritional science for better pet food, The Yak Stick functions as a chew toy and as a treat. This is great for teething puppies but also for older dogs that love to chew. 

This healthy dog treat is amazing because you can microwave the end of the stick treat when it gets too small so that it doesn’t create a choking hazard like other stick treats can do. The Yak Stick comes in multiple sizes, allowing you to customize the stick to your dog’s needs.

Made with 37 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat, The Yak Stick is a perfect balance of nutrients and calories. And all ingredients are the highest grade of color, density, and consistency. Rogue Pet Science goes the extra mile by providing third-party testing to validate the quality of their dog treats.

Pros Cons
Long-lasting, all-natural dog treats More expensive than other treats
Has a solution to avoid choking on the end of the stick 
High crude protein content
High quality, third-party tested, natural ingredients

If you want the highest-quality, all-natural treats for your dog, shop our complete list of treats, toppers, and supplements that boost your dog’s immune system.

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2. Best Healthy Chewy Dog Treat: Hill’s Grain-Free Soft-Baked Naturals Dog Treats

The Hill’s Grain-Free Soft-Baked Naturals Dog Treats are sure to win over your dog. These all-natural, grain-free dog treats come in beef & sweet potatoes, chicken & carrots, and duck & pumpkin flavors. These small bites can be used for training treats too.

The protein is the first and main ingredient in each flavor and has a relatively short list of all-natural ingredients. Proteins and vegetables make up the bulk of the main ingredients. Soft-Baked Naturals come from a reputable brand known for using sound science to formulate pet nutritional products. 

Pros Cons
Protein is the first ingredient Can dry out easily
Contains no grains, artificial dyes, or by-products Can crumble when fresh
Very affordable price May cause diarrhea for some dogs
Can be used for training treats because of their small size
Soft texture that many dogs love
Variety of flavors

3. Best Healthy Dog Biscuit: Blue Buffalo Health Bars 

The Blue Buffalo Health Bars are one of the most popular healthy dog treats on Amazon. If your dog prefers a crunchy biscuit over a chewy treat, then this is a great option. These Health Bars come in a wide variety of natural flavors, some favorites and some seasonal. Dogs go crazy for the:

  • Beef
  • Chicken Liver
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese
  • Pumpkin & Cinnamon

These healthy dog treats are made with all-natural ingredients and fortified with fatty acids and vitamins for added benefits. The ingredient list is longer than other treats on our list, but these win the popularity vote. The treats also don’t contain soy, corn, or wheat, which makes them a great treat choice for dogs with food allergies.

Pros Cons
Fortified with Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants Oats are the first ingredients
Doesn’t contain by-products, soy, corn, wheat, or artificial flavors Contains Cane Molasses
Made with all-natural ingredients
Very affordable

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4. Best Healthy Dog Treat for Senior Dogs: Wellness Core Healthy Joints

The Wellness Core Healthy Joints is the perfect snack for your senior dog. As dogs age, they need more calories and nutrients because their digestive systems do not absorb nutrients as well as when they were younger. Also, many senior dogs have hip and joint issues that could benefit from added supplements:

  • Glucosamine
  • Hydrochloride
  • Chondroitin Sulfate

These Healthy Joints treats for senior dogs are made with all-quality proteins and minimal ingredients, and no grains. A crunchy biscuit that dogs enjoy, Healthy Joints treats’ main ingredient is beef and includes other proteins like bone marrow, chicken fat, and pork stock.

Pros Cons
Formulated for older dogs with hip and joint issues May dry out if not properly sealed
No preservatives, unnatural flavors, or dyes May cause diarrhea or vomiting
Beef is the main ingredient Not suitable for dogs with allergies
Fortified with supplements and natural herbs
Very affordable

5. Best Healthy Dog Treat for Puppies: N-Bone Puppy Teething Sticks

Puppies are high-energy and love to chew. On everything. Because puppies are consuming lots of training treats as they learn to behave, it’s important to only give your puppy healthy dog treats.

We picked the N-Bone Puppy Teething Sticks because these all-natural treats are designed for chewing and teething, which helps soothe sore gums and tender teeth with its flexible design. These chew treats are fairly durable and long-lasting.

The N-Bone Puppy Teething Sticks contain only 5 all-natural ingredients. It’s a definite bonus when you can read all the ingredients and recognize what it is. The main proteins are soy protein and chicken meal, with a solid crude protein percentage of 24%. 

Pros Cons
Help relieve the need to chew May cause some puppies to choke or gag
All-natural ingredients Can confuse some puppies if they think it is a stick
Fortified with calcium Messier treat than other options
No preservatives or artificial colors
Delicious taste that puppies enjoy
Very affordable

Rogue Pet Science combines science and nutrition to make the best natural, healthy pet treats and supplements. Our tasty treats are a dog favorite, packed with proteins and healthy fats. Your dog will be begging for more.  

Want the best all-natural treats and chews for your dog? Shop our high-quality treats that also promote a healthy diet.

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