What Religion Do You Feed Your Dog...Sorry I Mean Diet?

What You Feed Your Dog Has Become A Controversial Topic

What do you feed your dog? We know diet is a word that almost every person hates to hear or think about for themselves. Well, it's become a controversial topic amongst pet owners as well. 

Asking certain dog owners what they feed their dogs can be like starting a political/religious conversation. You have to feel out the person and what their position is and tiptoe around to not offend them or say something divisive or controversial. The responses are based on beliefs, and for many the journey to find what is working for their pet has been a pilgrimage filled with many lost battles before finding hope. This makes it so there is little chance for a real conversation to be had unless they are very closely aligned with your own feeding ideology. (We, at Rogue, are not trying to convert you to any specific feeding program.)

Our Pets Are A Source Of Joy

We have said it before that it's a damn shame that our pets' diets are now used as a reason to divide pet owners. Our pets are a source of joy and should be a powerful connecting thread when we already find so many ways to divide ourselves. Read our article about feeding raw food.

It’s the people that are on the journey of improving their dog's diet, fixing a health problem, or optimizing for performance that is being recruited into the different dog diet factions.  

We have never wanted to subscribe to any one group or faction or serve just any single group of owners and their pets as a pet products company. Diets can be like religion, what a pet owner chooses to feed their dogs is an extremely individual choice. All diets can have their place serving different dogs, based on their age and activity level. 

An Opportunity To Improve Pet Health

That being said, we do see that there is a huge opportunity to improve pet health and optimize performance by looking at our pet's primary diet. Turning to magic pills and powders to address symptoms is not the answer. The greater opportunity is for changes to enhance and optimize our pets' primary diet for optimal nutrition.

At Rogue, we wanted to look at the dog feeding landscape as a whole and offer a real feeding strategy that was founded on solid nutritional principles and was science-backed, all while delivering proven results. We wanted it to be easy, affordable, and actually have an impact on the health of our pet population. We wanted our strategy to be inclusive and beneficial to as many feeding strategies as possible.

Why Origins Canine 5in1 Supplement?

So how could we go about doing that? First, we created Origins 5in1 Supplement. This product serves as the foundation for improving any feeding strategy and optimizing what the primary diet can’t achieve on its own. We followed that with the rest of our product line.

So what does a Rogue Feeding Strategy look like? 

  1. Main food source: Choose your primary diet, it could be kibble, it could be commercial raw or freeze-dried, could be homemade raw or cooked food.
  2. Overall supplement: Add Origins 5in1 Supplement.
  3. Treats: Treats should have equally high levels of digestibility and nutritional availability. They are also a great opportunity to provide a diversity of nutritional sources. SOLO treats, KC Sticks, and Yak Sticks all meet the digestibility requirements and also provide options to diversify primary diet offerings.
  4. Nutritional food-based supplements: Pumpkin Pro and Power Greens (new product coming soon). Rogue's food-based supplements are designed to provide the highest value for your pets' primary diet.

Solo Training Treats

Made from wild-sourced
tuna or salmon

KC Strips

Soft meat jerky treats
comes in 6 varieties

kc strips with all products label

Yak Sticks

Hardened cheese sticks
great for distractions,
aids in teeth cleaning

When you are getting the foundations of the primary diet correct, and understand how to overcome challenges of availability and absorption from food, you can replace almost every supplement with a real food-based source.

That being said, there are highly effective supplements out there. Rather than throwing your money at symptoms, which can be caused by the primary diet lacking in digestible nutrients, you will have a far greater impact by addressing improvements to the primary diet first. Getting the foundations right ensures you are using supplements to get precise impacts on problems you need a surgical approach to addressing. Supplements need to add value and not just hide what can be fixed at the foundational nutrition level. 

Can we get an amen!!

Remember, If it’s not adding, it’s subtracting. 

Here at Rogue Pet Science, our entire goal has been to fix problems for all dogs. We can do this quickly, naturally, and with little cost. We can do this because we believe in being a real solution for all dog owners by putting dog health before money every day to earn your trust. We invite you to try Origins Canine 5in1 where all our products are, as always, 100% Guaranteed.

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