Dog diets SHOULD contain tons of protein. Dogs are carnivores, and they require it. Dogs' digestion systems simply aren't engineered to live on plant-based diets. Or fillers.

Just like proteins, most of the fats in your dog’s diet should come from animal sources – that includes things like fish proteins from menhaden fish. Proteins and fats from menhaden fish provide your dog with a natural source of omega fatty acids and fish oil for the skin and coat.

Menhaden Fish is a proven ingredient for dogs that contain tons of protein

SO… What's the reason for making this post? Here's why. Recently a competitor decided to blatantly lie about our product in response to one of our store partners sharing Origins 5-in-1 Supplement as a great product that they have successfully recommended and sold to help their customers' dogs.

The company I am referring to (whom I will not name) who replied to this person's post said: 

“Menhaden Fish? Ahhhhh, I would very much pass on that supplement. Menhaden is stabilized with ethoxyquin.”

Origins Canine 5 in 1 does NOT contain Ethoxyquin...

This statement is not true as we have tested Origins and ORIGINS DOES NOT CONTAIN ETHOXYQUIN. This is important information to share because the statement is false. Origins have been tested by 3rd party labs.

This person making a false statement is not Mary or John from up the street mind you. They are employed by a company that also sells supplements for pets. 

This person and company have positioned themselves as thought leaders and watchdogs for pet owners. They have built a large following and audience and to so carelessly slander another company's product without doing any research is both malicious and irresponsible.

When I called this EMPLOYEE out on the post she immediately became aggressive and condescending. The funny thing is that this person really quickly showed what type of company they really are and what they are about. They requested COAs and heavy metal testing on our product. We provided all of it, (it's available on our website) and also directed them to review the Biomarker study that we had done on our actual product and the improvements seen in just 30 days. I got silence from them in return…..

I then went to look over their product and see what they are all about and that's when it became clear……. They are a watchdog group, but they have put none of the info requested of me on their own site for any of their products. Their website contains NO Certificate of Analysis, NO heavy metal testing, NO testing for active ingredients, and NO study showing it actually is doing what is intended? Nothing……??

At this point, I deleted all my posts on their group and washed my hands off them. 

I realized they are currently much bigger and employ these people to simply moderate, troll, and blog on “topics of concern”. They also employ an amazing spin on the safety of their own products and provide no testing PROVING IT. Being that we are a small company we cannot be forced to engage endlessly with a competitor on their page when they have no good intent to begin. 

Not even 2 days later they sent out an email about Menhaden fish and the safety concerns of the fish. The article has lots of real issues that we agree are of concern. It also has just a bunch of random points and speculation with no citations for any of it. 

Here Are The Facts About Origins Canine 5-in-1 Supplement For Dogs

  • Sustainability: There is a moratorium on fishing for menhaden fish in the Chesapeake Bay. We support any efforts needed to ensure the sustainability of this keystone species. Somehow the fact that a regulatory committee had to step in seems to have not proven that sustainability practices are in place for this species to this company?  IMPORTANT FACT: Rogue Pet Science does not use fish from the Chesapeake Bay area. We do not source from the company responsible for overfishing that area that was mentioned in the article.
  • Ethoxyquin and BHT Preservatives: ORIGINS 5 IN 1 SUPPLEMENT uses NATUROX, a natural preservative, there is no Ethoxyquin or BHT used in the production of Origins.
  • Fish Oil Oxidation: Oxidation of fat is a potential concern. However, it's not a concern for our product. Oxidation becomes a much greater concern when the oil is pressed out and sprayed back on as an ingredient to achieve some specific amount of oil. Our fish is NOT PRESSED. Because the oil is not extracted but retained while the fish is dried it is further stabilized. Beyond that, we have actually done fatty acid testing on our finished product and it is stable and not oxidizing. 
  • Heavy Metal Testing: Origins is 3rd party tested and Origins 5 in 1 Supplement has been approved as safe by a Veterinarian Nutritionist.
  • BIOMARKER PROVEN: Origins 5 in 1 Supplement is proven with our field test to improve several biomarkers associated with metabolism and reproduction. Being that most diseases killing our pets are metabolic diseases, or complications from those diseases like diabetes, and many cancers, these improvements are very important to consider.
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Rogue Pet Science Will Always Prove Our Products Get Results

While OTHER COMPANIES  focus on earning your trust by being a “voice of concern” but not living up to their own standards, Rogue Pet Science will continue working on PROVING our products get results and providing real affordable solutions to what is a pet health crisis. We are always available to our partners and customers to answer any questions or address any concerns.  IF THERE IS SOMETHING BETTER….PROVE IT. 

Origins Canine 5 in 1 Is The Best Supplement For Dogs

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