Is Your Chew Safe? Rogue Yak Sticks Are!

You’ve just opened your dog’s kennel door to find it has artificially snowed, or rather exploded in bedding fluff. Your pup looks up at you with his version of a get-out-of-jail-free card (those sweet puppy-dog eyes.) He’s very proud of his accomplishment of destroying that pesky dog bed.

Natural Instincts of Dogs

A dog’s natural instinct is to chew. We can thank their ancestors, the wolf, for that habit. Chew a bed, chew a bone, it doesn't matter to them!

Curbing your dog’s instinctual behavior to one that is appropriate for domesticated life can be difficult. Ideally, their chew should be tough enough to last longer than five minutes and benefit them nutritionally, too.

The Yak Stick from Rogue

We’ve rolled out a new product that has the Rogue stamp of approval. It’s a Yak Stick; a crunchy, nutritionally dense chew made from yak’s milk, cow’s milk, salt and lime. It is also the highest protein and fat content stick on the market.

That's it, 100% real! No fillers, chemicals or preservatives, just real nutrition.

Yak Sticks are not Created Equal

All yak chews are not created equal. Our product comes directly from the local farmers in the high Himalayas. Each dairy must go through certification of their facility and their animals to verify they have produced highest quality product fit for your dog’s snack.

Each batch of yak chews is processed in a USDA inspected and certified facility in Nepal. At various points in production, our Yak Sticks are tested for salmonella, E. Coli, and yeast. Mold and water activity are also monitored. These quality control tests are conducted by an independent facility.

In addition, our Yak Sticks are the only third-party verified chews on the market. Once received, every batch is sent off for nutrition and quality testing at an AFFCO approved lab in Texas. This additional testing is required in order to be a Rogue-Approved brand. We want to make sure that there is another layer of safety to ensure a 100% honest product.

Adds Functional Nutrition and Value

The next time your dog looks up at you with those sweet eyes, give them a yak stick that’s going to add functional nutrition and value to them. If it’s not adding value to your dog, it’s subtracting.

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