Healthy Coats for Dogs: How to Get A Soft, Shiny Coat with Origins 5in1 Probiotic System

Soft, Shiny Coats in Dogs Is A sign of Good Health In Dogs

Does your dog have a healthy, shiny coat? There are millions of dogs living in the United States right now. If you own one of them, you want them to be as healthy as possible and look like it.

Many dogs suffer from dry skin, itching, excessive shedding, and other conditions that lead to a dry, dull coat. More often than not, as pet parents, we link dry coats as a sign that your dog is having skin issues or lacking nutrition.

The reality of dry skin or poor-looking coats is associated with the GI tract, the overall environment inside the intestinal tract, and how hard the immune system is working to keep up with fluctuating seasonal changes (i.e. allergies, viruses, hot/cold weather, etc). Basically, a luxurious coat starts from the inside of the dog.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can achieve a healthy coat for your dog by feeding Origins 5in1 Supplement utilizing a probiotic system approach to boost your pet’s health for the best coat possible.

What Causes Dry Dog Skin?

Before we jump into how you can get a healthy coat for your dog, we need to look at some of the reasons your dog may have dry skin or a dry coat. By understanding the reasons behind it, dry dog coat remedies will make more sense.

Here are some of the reasons dogs can end up having dry coats and skin:

  • Poor nutrition: Switching one dry food for another isn’t changing nutrition!
  • Underlying health conditions: Plays a big part in long-term skin & coat issues
  • Allergies: Could be a symptom more than a problem
  • Stress: Total stress load creates a number of secondary skin or coat issues
  • Improper bathing: Too much too often
  • Environmental changes: Can result in temporary issues

For most dogs with dry skin, you will need to address what's causing the dry skin to permanently give your dog the shiny coat he should have.

How to Get a Healthy Coat for Dogs

Now that you know some of the causes of dry dog skin and poor coat conditions, you can start to do these things to help ensure your dog's coat and body are healthy.

Something to keep in mind as you try different things is that you likely won't notice a difference overnight. It takes time for the body to heal and for the coat to reflect that. Give something at least two weeks to work before you try something else.

Talk to Your Veterinarian

If your dog suddenly has a dry coat, itchy skin, or other conditions, you may need to take them to your veterinarian for a diagnosis. Your veterinarian will want to treat any underlying conditions that could be causing dry skin.

Once your veterinarian has ruled out any serious conditions (parasites, worms, fleas/ticks, etc.), you can start looking at other causes for your dog's dry coat to try different things.

We’re serious about this. Veterinarians get bashed a lot and we’re not saying they’re deserving of it or not, but we do understand the realities. There are good hometown vets who want to help, will shoot you straight, and not rob you over simple issues.

Reduce Stress

As previously mentioned, stress is one of the things that can cause your dog to have a poor coat. It can cause various levels of shedding, a generally dull appearance in addition to secondary behavior or temperament changes. You can see it goes beyond only what you see as an owner.

Carefully consider when you started noticing a change in your dog's coat. Were there any big changes in his life? Did you recently move or get a new pet? Did another person in the neighborhood get a new dog close to you? Was there an injury out walking or during exercise? How many dog shows have you done in the last 2-3 weeks?

As much as possible, try to reduce the stress your dog is experiencing. In many cases, this could simply mean spending less time traveling, no intense exercise sessions even little to no training sessions as this will add some stress.  Taking him for light, brisk walks to get his nervous energy out and get blood circulation up is helpful.

Often, it will take some time for your dog to accept changes. Once he does, his coat should start to improve. You can also help him through this change by boosting his gut and immune system with probiotics if you address the other factors required to make them work.

Ideally, you would start supplementing your dog with Origins 5in1 before your dog encounters a stressful situation. This can help his body deal with stress more easily and reduce the impact stress has on your dog.

Bathe Appropriately

It's essential to know how to bathe your dog properly to help them avoid getting dry skin. You also need to know how frequently to bathe your dog.

The most important aspect of bathing your dog is to only use veterinarian-approved dog shampoo. This can help prevent your dog's skin from drying out as a result of the harsh chemicals that are found in many shampoos.

Most dogs will only need occasional baths unless they get dirty or start to smell bad. Your dog's breed will also determine how often they need to be bathed. Those with thick double coats, for example, may only need two baths a year.

Frequent bathing can also dry out your dog's skin. The only exception to this is when your dog is dealing with a specific condition and your veterinarian has instructed you to bathe them with medicated shampoo as part of treatment.

Change Your Dog's Diet

By far the most important thing you can do for your dog to boost their overall health and ensure they have a healthy, shiny coat is to change their diet.

"You are what you eat" is true for dogs when it comes to health. If your dog is primarily eating low-quality dog food, it will have a low-quality coat condition. If they're getting proper nutrition, they will have a much healthier coat. See our article Why Whole Food, Not Supplements, to learn more on this topic.

Dogs can also develop a food allergy if they're exposed to the same food for many years. In fact, the most common foods dogs are allergic to include:

  • Beef & chicken 
  • Chicken fat & chicken fat oil 
  • Dairy 
  • Whey protein 
  • Wheat & wheat oil 
  • Soybean & soybean oil

If your veterinarian believes your dog may have a food allergy, take some time to look at what you're currently feeding him. Then, you can start trying foods that have a completely different list of ingredients.

It's important to note that you should be changing your dog's diet slowly. A sudden swapping of their food when their old one runs out can cause digestive upset and stress.

Plan on taking at least a week to switch your dog over to a new food. Start by giving about an eighth of the new food with the rest being the old food. Then, continue increasing the ratio of new food to old food until they're completely on the new food.

Supplement With Probiotics Alone Is Wasteful

The last thing you can do to help your dog have a soft and silky coat is to provide them with a probiotic supplement. Origins 5in1 is designed to ensure they have a healthy gut environment which helps the probiotics survive & provide the benefits that will enable them to have a healthy coat.

Let's dig in more to a few of the things that make this a great option as a supplement to be fed alongside a healthy diet.

Whole Wild Fish, Not Fish Oil - Fats Matter

One of the main ingredients in Origins 5in1 is whole, wild-caught fish. There are a few reasons we chose to use whole, wild-caught fish in our dog supplement.

First and foremost, these ingredients are more digestible compared to many of the other protein sources, meat meals, and other protein-derived product options used in dog food diets. When a dog isn't able to easily digest his food, he can't get all the nutrients from it.

We use whole fish because of the additional nutrients your dog gains from it. At least 60% of the weight of our supplement is made up of protein from the meat, organs, and collagen of this fish. The 10% fat is only from the natural fish oil that's left in the fish. Crazy idea right, leave the fish oil in the fish for the dog to get naturally? The entire nutritional content, including the full spectrum fatty acid profile containing 42 natural fatty acid chains, is 100% from a whole food source. No synthetics or additional vitamins or minerals are added to Origins.

Let's talk fats. In particular, the wild-natural Omega-3 fatty acids contained in whole fish will help improve your dog's skin and coat. They're also great for boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and improving joint health.

If you want to know the truth about what Full Spectrum Fish Oil is and why it's better to use whole fish than off-the-shelf fish oil, read our article on this topic.

Added Probiotics

There are several probiotics that are added to our Origins 5in1 blend. These include:

  • Multiple lactobacillus strains
  • Enterococcus faecium
  • Bacillus subtilis

Probiotics provide a number of benefits to your dog, starting in their digestive tract. These helpful bacteria create short-chain fatty acids that help the local intestinal pH environment, cell membranes, and hormones, and even stop harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli from growing.

Although there has been a ton of research done in certain human conditions, other animal models, and cell cultures, the truly direct positive effects of probiotics on dogs is not concrete. This is for good reason as it's not a straightforward issue that can be directly translated to a single end result. The argument to be made is that a live organism (Probiotic) is added into another complex biological system (the intestinal tract) where millions of interactions occur with millions of waterfall-like reactions that keep occurring afterward. The reality is even more mind-blowing than this example!

There is good research happening. Some direct studies have shown that probiotics can help reduce urinary tract infections, ear infections, oral/mouth yeast overgrowth and inflammation in the digestive tract. The ability for Origins 5in1 to function at the best rate of performance and be used in multiple countries is because it complies with European Food Safety Association (EFSA) guidelines. Why EFSA guidelines and not U.S. guidelines? Because of the high restrictions and better guidelines on acceptable uses in both human and pet products, the EFSA has better guidelines. This means better safety for your pets and high satisfaction with Origins 5in1. We wish more companies took this stance.


For dogs with food allergies, it can be difficult to find a supplement that doesn't contain beef, chicken, wheat, and other common allergens. However, it's essential that everything you feed your dog be free from ingredients that are highly associated with “allergy” related issues. As there are real allergies to select ingredients, though very rare, it’s important for owners to know that most “allergies” are actual symptoms and not the cause of the dry coat or the health problem being faced. It's a secondary issue being pushed by the current health status of the gut and the stress level of the entire system.

Origins 5in1 fits the bill nicely. It's completely grain-free and the only meat it contains is fish. Because there aren't many commercial dog foods that have large amounts of fish in them, it's not likely that your dog has developed an allergy to it.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are proteins found naturally in your dog's digestive tract. They're essential for breaking food down into small nutrients that can then be absorbed and used in the rest of the body. These enzymes are also made on demand, so they’re not stored up waiting to be used. The signal to make and release these enzymes, like any signal, can have interruptions or delays. How often and how intense of a disruption in the signal can lead to coat issues directly as well as other complications.

When digestive enzymes are added to your dog's diet through a supplement, it will improve digestion and aid in nutrient absorption through improved digestive breakdown. This, in turn, can help all of your dog's systems to become healthier, including the skin and coat.

Origins 5in1 contains five different digestive enzymes. These are:

  • Amylase: For carbohydrate processing
  • Protease: For protein processing
  • Lipase: For fat processing
  • Beta-glucanase: For fiber processing
  • Cellulase: For fiber and plant processing

These enzymes have been identified as being the most important for carnivores, so supplements that have additional digestive enzymes won't have a greater impact on your dog's health than Origins 5in1 will.

Ready to Try Origins 5-in-1 Probiotic System Approach?

Now you know how you can get a healthy coat for dogs. As you can see, the most important thing you can do for your canine companion is to provide them with the right food components that promote a healthy gut and healthy body systems.

At Rogue Pet Science, our entire goal has been to fix problems such as skin & coat issues, stress management, and gut health, for all dogs. We can do this quickly, naturally, and with little cost. We can do this because we believe in being a real solution for all dog owners by putting dog health before money to earn your trust. We invite you to try Origins Canine 5in1 supplement because we truly believe it is the best supplement for dogs on the market. Our products have the first ever 100% No Bull Sh*t Guarantee. The only risk is not seeing your dog thriving at their very best!

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