Adding Vitamins vs Real Food To Your Dog's Diet

What is the biggest opportunity for improvement?

The reality is that the studies on taking vitamins and mineral supplements have provided very little evidence that they have any impact on health.

Highly Processed Foods Do Not Provide Enough Nutrients

Many dogs are not getting enough nutrients from their primary diets. Most owners are relying on highly processed primary diets for the care and health of their pets.

For people we know, “The typical American diet is heavy in nutrient-poor processed foods, refined grains, and added sugars—all linked to inflammation and chronic disease.” Source

For our pets the same is true. Pets are developing the same diseases as their owners but at higher rates. THIS IS IMPORTANT: The diseases affecting our pet populations are the same ones affecting our own population. The majority of these are diseases associated with metabolic dysfunction or metabolic diseases as they are being called.

So would supplemental vitamins and minerals be the best bang for your buck for helping improve the nutrition and health of your pet??

Well, they might help plug some holes, but the reality is that you are up against more of a challenge than just plugging holes. So many factors come into play when actually assessing if a dog can absorb the vitamins and minerals in its diet or in a supplement. Factors like age come into play, and while these things become more important to consider, the efficiency of the ability to absorb also decreases with age.

So What Do The Experts Recommend People Do?

Both Dr. Sesso and Dr. Lo advise that you try to improve your diet before you use supplements. That's because nutrients are most potent when they come from food. "They are accompanied by many nonessential but beneficial nutrients, such as hundreds of carotenoids, flavonoids, minerals, and antioxidants that aren't in most supplements," says Dr. Lo. Source

Improving The Diet Of Our Pets Should Be The First Thing We Do

Adding real food sources that have not been over-processed is a great first step, and the largest opportunity given that most owners are relying on highly processed kibble as the primary diet. This does not mean you have to go to a fully raw, raw alternative, or human-grade diet completely. While that has been effective as an option for some it is not a solution for the majority of owners.

Unless you have a known deficiency, knowing how much to supplement vitamins or minerals is impossible. This is why focusing on improving diet through real food sources remains the safest and most impactful option for dogs and even their owners when trying to improve nutrition.

Origins Canine 5in1 Is REAL FOOD For Your Dog


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Origins 5in1 Supplement is the only whole food topper with combined gut health support. It’s also the only one proven to improve the way your dog’s metabolism is responding to all food. Our system's approach to gut health is not meant to plug holes, it's meant to optimize beyond what any diet can do on its own. That’s what true supplementation should do.

Other Species Appropriate Food Sources of Important Nutrients

Nutrient Food Source
Vitamin B Goats milk, fish such as salmon, menhaden, and sardines, and dark leafy greens
Vitamin D Salmon, tuna, lean beef, vitamin D-fortified milk and yogurt, egg yolk
Iron Liver, oysters, lean beef
Magnesium Spinach, other leafy green vegetables; unrefined grains; and legumes
Calcium Goats milk, fish such as salmon, menhaden and sardines, and dark leafy greens

Real Food For Your Dog: Origins Canine 5in1

Here at Rogue Pet Science, our entire goal has been to fix problems such as stress management and gut health for all dogs. We can do this quickly, naturally, and with little cost. We can do this because we believe in being a real solution for all dog owners by putting dog health before money to earn your trust. We invite you to try the Origins Canine 5in1 supplement because we truly believe it is the best supplement for dogs on the market. Our products have the first-ever 100% No Bull Sh*t Guarantee. The only risk is not seeing your dog thriving at its very best!

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