Origins Canine 5 in 1

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For Dog Nutrition, Gut Health & Performance

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Origins Canine 5 in 1 Nutrition Facts:

Supplement for Dogs: 100% Honest & 100% Functional
Pre-biotic • Probiotic • Digestives Enzymes • Butyric Fatty Acid

  1. Our wild fish ingredients are better than regular commercial dog food & equal to raw in digestibility. Commercial dog foods can be difficult for your dog to digest for their full nutritional needs. 
  2. Nutrient-dense! Wild fish protein and wild complete fish oil is stocked with nutrients for your dog, so we use the whole fish to add essential nutritional elements to your dog’s diet
  3. Our product offers sustainability, traceability, and digestibility
  4. GUT HEALTH SYSTEM – The only way to impact the system is to address the total gut health system

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  • Whole wild menhaden fish
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • Pre-biotics
  • Yeast support
  • GI tract lining support

Origins Canine 5 in 1 naturally contains vitamins, minerals and 42 omega fatty acids with guaranteed omega 3 & 6 content.

Commercial Dog Food Can Be Hard For Your Dog To Digest

The indigestibility of commercial dog food impacts the PH throughout the digestive tract and leads to poor performance and health. Balancing the PH and supplementing with carnivor-designed support from probiotics, pre-biotics, digestive enzymes, and butyric acid allow us to optimize the gut and digestive system beyond what any diet alone could achieve. Even raw fed dogs see improvements after using Origins Canine 5 in 1.

Origins Canine 5 in 1 only adds to your efforts of nutrition and health and never subtracts.

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What’s changing in your dog in the first 30 days?

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The idea of optimal performance relying on optimal nutrition is very well established. The causal link of how our nutrition with gut health support can positively impact biomarkers of health and be the drivers of meaningful performance increases is where we set ourselves apart.

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Something better than Origins 5in1 Supplement?…Prove It!

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