Why Rogue Origins Canine 5 In 1 Supplement Is The Best Supplement For Dogs

Does that have your attention? Here at Rogue we have tested and proven why Origins Canine 5 in 1 Supplement is the best supplement for dogs on the market today.

Why Origins is "Best In Show" When It Comes To Supplements

Origins Canine is in a class all its own for many reasons. Here are the reasons why:

  • Origins is the first-ever supplement developed for dogs that were designed using ingredients that are species-appropriate! All ingredients are species appropriate for a carnivore and in a format that can be utilized by your dog’s body. Seeds, grains, and whey by-products are not designed for carnivore mono-gastric systems.
  • Origins is the first product for dogs to have full gut health support. It uses a systems approach to help your dog’s body work more efficiently. With improved efficiencies comes results, and, with better results, comes better health.
  • Origins is not second best to anything, including raw meat. Containing whole wild fish offers immense nutritional components that are NATURAL such as 17 grams of protein, 3 grams of full spectrum fish oil, 755 omega-3 (EPA, DHA, DPA), and 42 naturally occurring essential fatty acids.
  • The cost is only pennies a day compared to raw or freeze-dried, and it is, even more, cost-effective when compared to many of the dry kibble dog food products on the market.
  • Origins include pre-biotics, probiotics, post-biotics,s and a 5-plex digestive enzyme mix selected specifically to improve your dog’s health for better performance!
Origins Health Chart Showing Improved Sensitivity To Insulin, Increased Digestion & Better Weight Control

Results of Our Biomarker Study

Origins Canine 5 in 1 Supplement is the only product backed and proven by science to work. Three years of customer testimonies are more than proof Origins 5 in 1 works, but the results from our BIOMARKER study explains more.

We don’t make shaky claims based on extrapolated animal studies. Our studies have been done on the actual product we are asking you to try, with veterinarians using clients' dogs at their homes, ensuring great results for your dog! 

With 6 years of product development in the field, we have proven that we are bringing results pet owners can see for themselves. We have more before and after photos of health and performance improvements than any other company on the planet!  

These images below show the important health changes that occur in the first 30 days of feeding Origins 5 in 1 to your pet.

Compare Origins To Any Other Supplement On The Market:

  • We Beat them on the Price
  • We Beat them on Traceability
  • We Beat them on Proven Pet Science
  • We Beat them on the Quality of Ingredients 
Rogue Product Comparison Chart

Ingredients are Naturally Sourced & Traceable

We have done the work of sourcing direct all components that go into Origins Canine 5 in 1 Supplement, right here in the USA. We have tested each component and proven that we are getting the impact possible through our BIOMARKER study. Because we know the power and importance of a systems approach to gut health, we can minimize the cost and not overload with any one ingredient, all while maximizing the desired effects and saving you money and time. We offer a money-back guarantee. Put us to the test….We Dare You.

How Many Products Do You Need To Get Results?

The picture to the left shows the all too common struggle faced by many pet owners searching for a solution and never getting there. The extent in which owners will try anything, like energized crystal waters, says it all. This picture also demonstrates why you can’t just throw products at health issues and expect results. Look what happens when a species-appropriate product is designed to help improve total health at the root of all things health (aka the Gi Tract).

So what health benefits or performance gains are you leaving on the table?

Let's Get Real For A Moment

The key to good health is managing the total stress load that is placed on our dogs through daily life and performance dog training. If You Want Your Dog to have consistent and maximum performance outcomes on a regular basis, then you must work to maintain good health in your dog.  Rogue Pet Science’s Origins Canine 5-in-1 Supplement is made to manage the stress management systems in your dog. It comes as a powder as an all-in-one daily food topper that is easily added to your dog’s food.

Origins Canine 5 in 1 Is The Best Supplement For Dogs

Here at Rogue Pet Science, our entire goal has been to fix problems such as stress management and gut health for all dogs. We can do this quickly, naturally, and with little cost. We can do this because we believe in being a real solution for all dog owners by putting dog health before money to earn your trust. We invite you to try Origins Canine 5-in-1 supplement because we truly believe it is the best supplement for dogs on the market. Our products have the first ever 100% No Bull Sh*t Guarantee. The only risk is not seeing your dog thriving at their very best!


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