Why "FED" Is The Best Strategy

A Fed Dog is The Best Kind of Dog

Many Dog Owners Can't Afford To Feed Raw

“Fed Is Best”. You may have seen this term used when trying to alleviate guilt and shame around mothers using formula to keep their babies fed and their bellies full.

I saw this reply from so many members, on a Facebook group, on a very vulnerable post asking if a food provided from a local food pantry was safe to feed to their dog.

Saw another post on a different page about not being able to afford raw right now, and this person was asking if a more expensive kibble is better than a moderately priced kibble with supplements added.

Dog Owners Don't Always Have The Same Feeding Strategy

Dog owners can be so selfless when it comes to their dogs. “Fed Is Best” is a great reminder to not be a self-righteous A-hole about your feeding strategy. Acknowledging that for many, cost is a REALITY in choosing their dogs' diet. Demonizing kibble and all owners who can’t afford Raw or the most expensive kibble, and/or supplements only makes you feel better about yourself, it doesn't HELP anyone or any dog get fed.

We, as a dog owning community, need to recognize that raw feeding, while amazing if you can afford it, will never be the solution available to most dog owners. So, we need to stop pretending that it’s a moral decision because it’s not at all that simple, and it’s contributing to guilt and self-doubt of good dog owners who just can’t afford it.

Seeing owner guilt around this exact topic caused us to write this article previously. Click the button below to read the article.

While we all want the best for our dogs, and we at Rogue Pet Science want to be the most cost-effective solution for owners with Origins 5in1 Supplement to improve any diet type. "FED IS BEST" is a great reminder that, for many, relying on help/charity is their only option.

So, Fed Is Best, and they are good dog owners for making sure that is happening!

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