Is Chicken Broth Good for Dogs? 5 Ways to Use It

When your pup is off his food, many pet owners are looking for ways to get them a little nutrition. And just like we turn to a soothing cup of chicken noodle soup, the stuff you have in the pantry might just do the trick. Chicken broth for dogs is one of the few home remedies that are veterinarian-approved. Just be careful about choosing a brand without harmful added ingredients.

In addition to some harmful chemical preservatives, common food ingredients like garlic or onion that might be added to commercial chicken broth can be toxic to your canine companions. The other big no-no is the high sodium content in many broths. Let's talk about what to look for and how to use chicken broth appropriately to supplement your dog's diet.

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Best Ways to Use Chicken Broth for Your Dog

From promoting good health and rewarding good behavior to easing a sick tummy, there are several ways that you can incorporate chicken broth into your dog's diet. The good thing about chicken broth is that it is a liquid packed with nutrients and flavors your dog will love.

Add Palatability for Picky Eaters

The problem with kibble is that it is often boring. Some dogs are picky eaters due to genetics or food selection, and it seems like you are always fighting with them to eat enough. It also means that a little bit of stress or digestive upset can have them refusing to eat altogether. Chicken broth can be a big lifesaver for these guys because it adds flavor and softens the kibble.

Some people even tout claims that chicken broth can help with persistent digestive issues like diarrhea or constipation and give them a shiny coat. However, the scientific research supporting these claims is lacking, and there hasn't been much reason to study the health benefits of chicken broth on canine health.

Tasty, Homemade Dog Treats

Like everything that comes from a box, many commercial dog treats are loaded with preservatives and dyes that serve non-nutritional purposes in your pup's treats. If you like to make things homemade to control what your dogs eat, then chicken broth is your golden ticket to whipping up some tasty treats.

Pup-Approved PB Bars

With a handful of common pantry ingredients, anyone can whip up some delectable and healthy dog treats with this recipe. All you need is peanut butter, oats, flour, cinnamon, chicken broth, and water. These are baked treats and super fun if you use a dog-treat-shaped form. 

Chicken Broth-Slices

Chicken broth makes the perfect, tasty liquid to freeze your dog's favorite fruits and vegetables into pupsicles for enjoyment to beat the heat. Try combining low-sodium or homemade chicken broth with green beans, carrots, cucumber, pumpkin, strawberries, and more.

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Gourmet Chicken-Pup-Pie Dinner

It's not all about treats, and sometimes dog lovers just want to spoil their favorite four-legged friends. Chicken broth is a key ingredient in homemade chicken pot pies, a delicious, dog-friendly meal. All you have to do is stick to plain chicken and dog-friendly veggies like green beans and carrots. 

Satiate Your Pups Upset Tummy

Just like people, dogs get sick sometimes too. Even something like the flu that lasts a few days can leave your dog dehydrated and lacking nutrition. And prolonged illnesses can lead to malnutrition. The best way to make sure your dog gets some nutrition while sick is to offer plain chicken broth as something easy and palatable to eat. It will be a little easier on them than chunks of undigested food if it does come back up.

As a Cure-All or Good Health Supplement

Chicken broth is full of the amino acids glycine and collagen, which have positive health benefits for dogs. Using healthy chicken broth as a routine dietary supplement can promote good hydration, healthy joints, and good liver and kidney function

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What to Look for in Chicken Broth for Dogs

As mentioned earlier, most chicken broths are perfectly safe for your pet, but there are a few things to watch out for. Chemical ingredients, add-ins toxic to dogs, or high sodium content are the biggest pitfalls. Brutus Broth for dogs is formulated specifically for canine needs and is a good off-the-shelf option. 

Although Brutus Broth is formulated for dogs, it is still made from human-grade, natural ingredients. The product is made in the USA and comes in environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging. CARU Daily Dish chicken broth is another dog-formulated brand formulated by a veterinarian.

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Assuming you are looking in your own pantry and not sourcing chicken broth specifically made for dogs, here are a few recommendations. Low-sodium Swanson broth is a good option for dogs as it only contains chicken stock, salt, natural flavoring, chicken fat, yeast extract, water, carrot juice, celery juice, and onion juice concentrate.

Swanson Buyers Note: onions are toxic to dogs in certain amounts. It takes 100 grams of onion (about the size of a medium onion) per 20 kilograms of a dog's weight to cause toxic effects. While you might be tempted to use organic label broths without looking at the label, that would be a mistake. For example, Pacific Foods' organic chicken broth is seasoned with onion powder, and onions are toxic to dogs.

Features to look for in the best chicken broths:

  • Low Sodium Content
  • Premium, Human-Grade Ingredients
  • No Preservatives, Artificial Flavors Dyes
  • Made in the USA
  • Small Batch or Slow Cooked, High-Quality Methods
  • No Onion or Garlic

Final Thoughts on Chicken Broth for Dogs

Chicken broth can be a good addition to your dog's diet for short-term or routine supplementation. It can help with dehydration, diarrhea, upset stomach, picky eating, healthy joints, and much more. However, not all broths are puppy-approved. Stay away from anything with chemical additives, garlic or onion flavoring, and typical high sodium levels. The good news is that you can easily make your own broth or shop dozens of brands made just for pets. And with a little label reading, many grocery store brands will work well too.

The market is inundated with unhealthy products made for pets, and we aim to be different. Rogue Pet Science provides natural dog supplements for your pets backed by science, not profits.

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