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What is Warrior Companion?

The Warrior Companion Foundation, based in Austin, Texas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing health care insurance for service animals of wounded American veterans.  The Foundation seeks to minimize the veteran’s concerns related to their service animal’s care. In addition to financial concerns, disabled veterans face many challenges in their lives, so significantly reducing the financial obligation for the care of their service animal, which can extend the life of the animal and provide peace of mind to the veteran, is a primary goal.

Going Rogue with Warrior Companion

Rogue Pet Science’s broad reaching ability to help all dogs and add value turns out has no limits! In our efforts to add value and support the dog community to better dog health, which in turn helps human health, allowed us the opportunity to further service dog health and human health of our US military veterans.

Rogue currently works with multiple service dog agencies (SAR, Police K9 units, Seeing Eye dogs, PTSD service dogs) directly to help working dog health with their current pet health products. The new collaboration with Warrior Companion will allow Rogue and Rogue Customers to further give back to Warrior Companion to further their mission.

How the Program Works

Rogue created a dedicated product link to allow customers to purchase Origins 5in1 supplement and simultaneously donate back to Warrior Companion. For every bag sold through the dedicated channel, Rogue is donating a $1 back of every bag sold.

Check out the link here: https://roguepetscience.com/giving-back/

Putting Words into Action

Rogue is no stranger to leading by example. So when the collaboration with Warrior Companion started, we took action! We asked ourselves, why just stop at revenue sharing from product sales. Let’s directly sponsor a dog! Having already worked with a current customer, who was a Veteran with a service dog, on another charity fundraiser project with Susan G Komen Cancer Foundation, we chose Jeremy Bayliss and his service dog Loso. Rogue surprised Jeremy at a dog show with the announcement that Rogue, via Warrior Companion’s insurance service, paid for Loso’s pet insurance to help cover future health needs.

If you’d like to know more about the amazing work Warrior Companion is doing, you can learn more about them by clicking on this link: https://warriorcompanion.com/

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