Dietary Fats For Pets

Origins 5in1 contains good fats

Reading Time: 10 minutes The Pet Industry Got It Wrong Look at any pet food package and you’ll see a percentage of crude fat listed. But have you ever thought beyond what that percentage means? Or what crude fat means? We know that fats play an essential role in the biology of humans and pets – but not all … Read more

Why Are Stores Selling It, Experts Recommending It, And Pet Lovers Using It?

Vital Nutrients For Your Dog Need To Come From Real Food Sources

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cheap Calories from UNNATURAL sources For our Pets Coconut Oil. The only time you would turn to coconut for a primary dietary source of fat or any fatty acids is if you were stranded on an Island and starving. How desperate would you be to turn to liquid chicken fat, soybean oil or wheat germ … Read more

Healthy Coats for Dogs: How to Get A Soft, Shiny Coat with Origins 5in1 Probiotic System

Reading Time: 9 minutes Soft, Shiny Coats in Dogs Is A sign of Good Health In Dogs Does your dog have a healthy, shiny coat? There are millions of dogs living in the United States right now. If you own one of them, you want them to be as healthy as possible and look like it. Many dogs suffer … Read more