Turmeric Plus For Dogs

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Fermented Turmeric Plus for dogs is a nutritional supplement used for:

  • An outstanding source of antioxidants
  • Natural anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and itching
  • Acts as a natural decongestant to help with allergic response
  • Great for older dogs
  • Helps with inflammation in the joints

Product Size: 5.25 oz.

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Fermented Turmeric Plus

The first fermented turmeric + ginger food topper that brings the functional nutrient components of ancient natural roots into a powerful, easy to use, powder to boost your pet’s health


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Fermented Turmeric Plus

The fermented turmeric food topper for dogs that reduces inflammation and provides nutritional diversity. Fermented turmeric and fermented ginger provide a great nutritional boost for dogs.

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Directions for Use

  • How to Feed: Start slow. Use small amounts over 2-3 days to ease your dog up to the full suggested serving.  
  • Add to Your Dog’s Feed: Fermented Turmeric Plus is a Food Topper added to your dog’s existing food and mixed together. Follow the recommended amount on the feeding instructions by the weight of your dog.
  • Use as a Guideline: This is a guideline for feeding Turmeric+ supplement and serves as a starting point only. Adjustments to volume fed may be required given activity level, life stage, or health condition. Turmeric+ supplement can be fed for all life stages of dogs & cats.
  • Pregnant and nursing females: Pregnant and nursing adult dogs can be fed the amount suggested.


Fermented Organic Turmeric Root, Fermented Organic Ginger Root, Organic Acacia Gum

The Rogue NO BULL Guarantee

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  • There are a lot of lackluster companies selling B.S. products for pets.

  • At Rogue, we are committed to helping pets live and perform better. We achieve this by addressing real nutrition and health issues with pets. Creating the best products for pets is just a side effect from applying science correctly!

  • We can’t speak for other companies, but there is never any risk trying Rogue! If you’re not happy with our products or not seeing results, we will return your money on your last purchase. No B.S.

  • If there’s something Better, Prove It!

FAQ's: All About Fermented Turmeric Plus

For centuries, turmeric has been an essential herb of choice for promoting liver health, healthy digestion, cardiovascular health, and even supporting a health immune response. Somewhere along the way, the fermentation aspect used to prepare these traditional remedies was skipped over or deemed irrelevant!

Rogue made Fermented Turmeric Plus to be sure the natural benefits were bioavailable to dogs via fermentation.

One key to turmeric’s natural benefits has been its high concentration of natural organic compounds known as curcuminoids. The problem for pets is these active curcuminoid compounds have poor solubility and poor permeability in un-fermented dry powders & liquids. The reality for pets is lower absorption rates of curcuminoids in the GI tract!

Less digestive breakdown leads to lower absorption rates, which limits the curcuminiods broad health impacts. By fermenting both whole turmeric & ginger roots, pets are able to absorb more of the naturally occurring curcuminoids and other full spectrum compounds in the ideal bioavailable state.

Fermentation, by probiotic cultures, provides the maximum bioavailability, digestion and absorption rates possible. The fermented state is superior over whole ground powders, liquids, pastes and allows for better assimilation by your pets body!

Normal turmeric added to your dog’s diet is just making spiced dog sh$t in your yard!

Nate Dewsbury, one of the owners of Rogue Pet Science, worked closely with one of our suppliers to develop a fermentation line of ingredients.

Fermentation is the future of Active Nutrition Supplements.

For hard to digest ingredients like these superfood roots, it’s the only way to to maximize/ensure availability of their superfood nutrients. Dogs can’t digest grains because of their complex bonds right? Guess what, they can’t digest roots, either.

Stop your dog from sh$ting away your money by using Fermented Turmeric Plus.

Fermented Turmeric Plus is used as:

• An outstanding source of antioxidants
• Natural anti-Inflammatory
• A great supplement for older dogs
• Helps with inflammation in the joints

Fermented Turmeric Plus contains:

  • Fermented organic turmeric
  • Fermented organic ginger
  • Organic acacia gum

Fermented Turmeric Plus comes in a powder and is added as a food topper to your dog’s regular meal. Please read our “Directions for Use” for the amount of Fermented Turmeric Plus to add to your dog’s feed based on the size of your dog.  Directions are available on this page and on the product package. 

  • At best, in the most ideal scientific scenarios when turmeric powder is altered for better performance, 25% of fed turmeric powder is processed in animals. 75% is passed through the animal into the feces.

  • There is low to no absorption into the blood stream for dry powder from whole roots

  • Hyper-focused efforts on curcumin values is the biggest problem with herbs and holistic medicine that everyone misunderstands with Turmeric powders, liquids, pastes and chews. Here’s why:

    • Curcumin alone isn’t being digested fast enough in a pet GI tract without significant assistance, as proven many times over in human, canine, rodent and cell culture experiments.

    • Products focused on using Curcumin isolate powder still miss the problem with co-transport requirements, the animal’s individual ability to process any amount of it effective to reach any significant blood serum level for benefits. More doesn’t make curcumin concentrations work!

    • So, if Curcumin is not digested, or have specific help to be transported, then it’s not going to be absorbed into circulation in the liver where it faces even more problems if enough curcumin isn’t absorbed.

  • The Simple answer is the use of black pepper in Turmeric+ is not required for many reasons. 

  • Turmeric+ has its own scientifically proven transporters in the form of aromatic tumerone (aR-tumerone), which are naturally a part of whole turmeric root.

  • Turmeric+ is a fermented whole root extract that’s been pre-digested, allowing it to contain the natural full spectrum of essential oils in both Turmeric and Ginger root as part of the extraction process.

  • Adding black pepper isn’t a magic bullet either. Regular Pepper has the exact same issues as regular turmeric and ginger root powders. 

  • The addition of Origins 5in1 or Healthy Weight will drastically enable Turmeric+ in 3 ways:

    • Improves the gut environment pH and microbe population

    • Provides extra digestive enzymes designed to process the fiber components in Turmeric+

    • Both products add highly functional fats that can aid in Turmeric+ gut transport & absorption

  • Rogue Pet Science’s “Science-to-Shelf” approach to solution creation has resulted in the easiest and most functional turmeric product for pets. Fermented Turmeric+ can be fed dry by sprinkling over the top of your pet’s food. An additional splash of water or olive oil can also help the eating and palatability of the food Turmeric+ mixture if Origins 5in1 or Healthy Weight supplements are not being added. Fermented Turmeric to dry kibble alone. Your dog may not like the flavor on dry kibble alone. It is recommended to mix with Origins Canine 5in1, wet food, or raw for picky dogs is a good idea.

  • Please read our “Directions for Use” for the amount of Fermented Turmeric+ to add to your pet’s food based on their size.

  • Always start slow when adding anything new to your pet’s diet.

The Fermented Turmeric Plus Servings Chart Shows How Many Servings Are In Each Bag:

Fermented Turmeric Plus Servings Chart

Weight 2.25 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in

0.5 lb, 2 lb

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