Origins Sheep & Goat 5in1


Origins 5in1: Sheep & Goat
Active Nutrition + Gut Health System

Boosts performance and improves health

Bag size: 5 lb.

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Origins 5in1 Sheep & Goat

The easy-to-use sheep & goat supplement 
that you add to feed that 
improves nutrition, gut health, and performance


Sheep In A Field

Origins Sheep & Goat 5in1

The easy-to-use sheep & goat supplement that you add to feed that 
improves nutrition, gut health, and performance

Why Trust Rogue Pet Science?

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We Surpass the
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Directions for Use

  • How to Feed: Start slow. Slowly increase amounts over 6 days to ease your sheep or goats into the full amount. 
  • Please Avoid Starting out Feeding the Full, Recommended Amount
  • Pregnant & Nursing: Adult sheep & goats can be fed the amount suggested or more as needed to maintain good body condition


Organic Alfalfa, Wild Menhaden Fish, Fermented Organic Alfalfa, Sprouted Organic Barley, Digestive Enzymes, Triplex-Biome Support (Pre-, Pro-, Post-biotics), Yeast Support, Electrolytes

The Rogue NO BULL Guarantee

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  • There are a lot of lackluster companies selling B.S. products for pets.

  • At Rogue, we are committed to helping pets live and perform better. We achieve this by addressing real nutrition and health issues with pets. Creating the best products for pets is just a side effect from applying science correctly!

  • We can’t speak for other companies, but there is never any risk trying Rogue! If you’re not happy with our products or not seeing results, we will return your money on your last purchase. No B.S.

  • If there’s something Better, Prove It!

FAQ's: All About Origins Sheep & Goat 5in1

Show bred Sheep and Goat species, like horses, dogs and cats, are often fed cheap calories that are not species appropriate in an attempt to add or maintain weight for ideal levels of body conditioning. This aspect is amplified more a few weeks out from a show.
Supplements and their use in livestock showing varies and the use of off-label products is all too common.

Traditionally supplements are a second best option to an optimal diet, but rarely can they add value above and beyond what a primary diet alone can achieve nor do they improve the health of the animal or prevent avoidable health issues (i.e. bloat, parasites, hormone imbalance, reproduction).

Origins 5in1 for Sheep & Goat uses the first ever Active Nutrition + Gut Health System approach to boost performance aspects while improving health at the same time. This systems approach to performance through GI tract management creates an optimized food topper that adds:

  • Species-Relevant Nutrition
  • Functional Fermented Nutrition
  • Rumen Support
  • Gut Functionality

Feeding cheap fat, protein and sugar sources to help maintain weight as a strategy is going to have short term consequences. While these things could potentially have their place, as a standing strategy to artificially maintain weight or appearance alone it’s a true disservice to the animal and breeding program goal.

Biological Health Improvements

  • Natural parasite reduction
  • Respiratory care
  • Immune system support
  • Gut hormone signaling

Performance Health

  • Performance & recovery
  • Daily weight gains
  • Body weight management
  • Skin & coat
  • Reproduction consistence

Origins Sheep & Goat 5in1 is used to improve the health of the animal. It contains vitamins, minerals and 42 omega fatty acids with guaranteed omega 3 & 6 content.

Low cost and species inappropriate ingredients create an imbalanced pH range throughout the rumen and digestive tract that leads to poor performance and health.

Balancing the pH and supplementing with small ruminant-specific support from pre-biotics, probiotics, post-biotic, and enzymes allow us to optimize the gut and digestive system beyond what any diet alone could achieve.

Even the highest performing animals see improvements.

The ingredients in Origins Sheep & Goat 5in1 are:

  • Organic Alfalfa
  • Wild Menhaden Fish
  • Fermented Organic Alfalfa
  • Sprouted Organic Barley
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Triplex-Biome Support (Pre-, Pro-, Post-biotics)
  • Yeast Support
  • Electrolytes

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