Stops Dogs From Licking Their Paws --The Natural Way!

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100% Guaranteed! Stops Dogs From Licking Their Paws
Pre-biotic • Probiotic • Digestives Enzymes • Butyric Fatty Acid


How Origins Helps Dogs With Allergies

Signs & Symptoms of Problems

  • Your dog has hot spots on their skin
  • Your dog licks their paws repeatedly
  • Your dog had red, scaly paws
  • Your dog develops secondary staph infections
  • Your dog has hair loss, skin conditions
  • Your dog has yeast infections (ears and feet)
  • Your dog has intestinal issues 

How Origins Canine 5 in 1 Solves Allergies & Dogs Licking Their Paws

  • Gets to the underlying problem with a total health approach for the dog, improves gut health, which improves every aspect of your dog!
  • Adds the protein and nutrition your dog needs with all natural fish protein & digestive enzymes 
  • Reduces/eliminates the need for medications which have a negative impact on good microbes. When the good microbes are eliminated, the gut environment changes and lowers the immune supporting defenses. Origins always adds the good microbes!
  • Adds total stress management for your dog by balancing your dog’s gut health 


This dog was licking his feet raw.

After 4 weeks on Origins Canine 5 in 1, his feet have completely healed.

What Else Does Origins Help With?

Omegas for nutrition
Omega 3 & 6 Plus Pre-biotics, Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes To Improve Gut Health
Joint Support
Adds Joint Support & Reduces Inflammation, Great For Older Dogs & Dogs With Arthritis
Shiny Coat for Dogs
Gives Your Dog A Vibrant & Shiny Coat & Eliminates Itchy Skin, Signifying Good Health
Enhances Your Dog's Ability To Digest The Dog Food And Get The Most Amount Of Nutrition
60% Protein & 10% Fish Oil From Whole Fish, Ingredients That Are Good For Your Dog

See What Our Customers Say

Real messages from real customers who love Origins 

Sheri Wetekam

“The Origins Canine 5-in-1 Supplement is AMAZING…By one month she was winning Best In Shows with Judge’s comments such as ‘perfect coat, great coat’… ”
– Sheri Wetekam, Owner

Jeremy Wilson Testimonial

Jeremy Wilson

“…without a doubt say this is one of the best products I have ever used with my dogs.”
– Jeremy Wilson

nancy Hippe testimonial

Nancy Hippe

“This is an amazing product, I am astonished how quickly it works…”
– Nancy Hippe

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Nutrition + Health + Performance

Give your dog relief from licking their paws the natural way



3 sizes of origins

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