Fertility Supplements for Dogs

Origins 5in1 Breeder Program

Studies Show Adding Origins 5in1 To Your Dogs’ Diet Improves Reproduction In Stud Dogs & Breeding Females

  • Improves Female Reproduction Rates
  • Improves Stud Dog Semen Quality
  • Increases Litter Sizes
  • Provides Essential Fatty Acids For Good Health


Ask us about our Breeder Program.  Receive special pricing for your kennel and we will set up a program for you and your puppy buyers! You get cash and your puppy buyers get discounts. 
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Reproductive Health for Dog Breeders

Rogue’s approach to improving the total health of dogs is through improving overall gut health. We worked with a group of veterinarian professionals who wanted to see greater impacts to gut hormones and reproduction factors in dogs given their link to the GI tract when Origins Canine 5in1 was added to the dogs’ diets.

The studies, as well as our customers’ testimonials, show that Origins 5in1 is the best supplement for breeding dogs and puppies!

Fertility Supplements
for Female Dogs

Studies show female reproduction improvements with Origins Canine 5in1 Supplement for breeding females. 

  • Increases AMH levels in breeding females, resulting in regular and more consistent ovulating cycles
  • Increased litter sizes
  • Longer breeding life
  • Improved conception rates – for both natural & artificial

Origins Canine 5in1 Is a Great Supplement For Breeding Dogs

“There is no other product proven to do so much to improve the health of dogs.”

Stud Dog Fertility

Fertility is an important marker of overall vitality and health. Rogue Pet Science has shown that breeding dogs on Origins Canine 5in1 have increased semen & motility scores in just 30 days.

  • Improved male reproduction scores
  • Improved semen quality
  • Longer breeding life span & potential
  • Lean mass gains

Reproductive Health for Stud Dogs‎ | A Case Study

Semen count before taking Origins 5in1 Supplement and 76 days after shows a remarkable increase!

Better Growth Rate For Puppies On Origins Canine 5in1

We learned that Origins 5in1 increases litter sizes & the puppies were stronger & healthier

Puppies taking Origins showed better development and that Origins is the best supplement for breeding dogs.
Puppies taking Origins showed better health

Origins is Breeder Tested & Approved

Natural Ingredients, Fully Traceable And Sourced In The USA

breeder approved study

Improve Your Breeding Program By Increasing Reproduction Rates

 What Are You Waiting For?

3 sizes of origins

Breeder Program Details

Bulk Buying Discounts

If you would like to buy in bulk for your breeding facility, bulk buying discounts are already available for purchase through the website on the Origins 5in1 Supplement

When purchased in bulk, 5 or more 5lb. bags are only $33 each. 

Wholesale Buying & Reselling To Your Puppy Buyers

If you would like to buy in wholesale for your breeding facility, network, and puppy buyers,  wholesale pricing is available. This option requires larger minimum purchases.  Smaller, 1/2 bags are available to send home with your puppy buyers. This option includes your own trackable code for your kennel for any purchases that originate from you. You get 10% of the purchase, your customer gets 10% OFF. 

The "Prove It" Option

Male Reproduction Test

If you have a male stud dog that you have recently have a reproduction test on, or you are planning to have a reproduction test, Rogue will provide 30 days of Origins 5in1 Supplement and pay for the retesting after the 30 days.  We want to see the measured improvements and PROVE to you that our product is doing what we say it does! 

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