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Grams: 1/4 CupGrams: 1 Tablespoon
KCal: 1/4 CupKCal: 1 Tablespoon

The benefits of Pumpkin Pro can be fast tracked by having your dog on Origins 5in1 before starting Pumpkin Pro. Origins 5in1 serves as the base of Gut Health improvement and balance to support natural digestion rates, absorption rates, intestinal lining health and over all GI tract environment balance. Origins 5in1 alone helps to manage stress and loose stools, but there is a limit and the need of an engineered supporting product will help tremendously.

Yes, Pumpkin Pro and Origins 5in1 can be fed at the same time. Feeding the two products together is more than ideal. Both products work differently and will enhance the benefits of both when used together.

Real. Fermenting beneficial plant-based foods is how to really unlock the potential of the ingredients themselves. The rate of digestion and the status of the intestinal tract environment are the primary factors that limit the benefits of any diet or supplements fed.

Functional. By Fermenting, aka pre-digesting the turmeric and ginger roots, the controlled digestive break down process is increased beyond what the animal could, which allows:

  • Ensure the REAL beneficial biomolecules are there
  • Highest rate of healthy impact possible
  • Yield faster local gut environmental changes
  • Allows for faster absorption

Honest. Fermented, the whole turmeric root and whole ginger roots is critically important. Unfermented roots taste harsh, harder to digest and least likely to yield the benefits of feeding them. Most turmeric and ginger powders available are rarely whole root, being that the beneficial components have been extracted out them already. This yields a bland left-over fiber powder that defeats the point of using them. An Honest product is hard to find!

Yes, Pumpkin Pro can be given to puppies as young as 4 weeks of age. The benefits of adding Pumpkin Pro to the diets of young pups food can greatly help in the transition from the mother’s milk to more solid food based diets.

How do you feed Pumpkin Pro?
1. To aid in stress management of loose stools – Start by following the feeding chart guidelines for the weight of your Pet. When adding anything new to your pet’s diet, START SLOW! After a brief introduction is complete, increasing the amount fed per meal can be done until relief of symptoms are seen.

2. To increase nutritional diversity – the feeding chart is set up for added nutritional levels into your pets diet. This is a great start to building a better meal with high value nutrition, sourced from whole foods, and in a format that can be best utilized over other formats of the same ingredients.

A better solution to help animals handle increased stress on them during times of travel, boarding, performance and the complications of health issues were not being met by fiber filled purées and clay based products. Honestly! Clogging up the intestinal tract with fiber and large pore size clay products isn’t even addressing the real problem, rather just trying to cover up the problem.

In typical Rogue Pet Science fashion, a no-nonsense approach to addressing the root of the problem was used. The combinations of animals health expertise, first hand experience, and working with clinical health experts…a solution was engineered… and Pumpkin Pro came into existence!