Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper? Protect Your Pup

Reading Time: 4 minutes Many dogs love to eat table scraps, but there are several foods and spices your dog should avoid. Often we season our food with salt and pepper. While salt is safe for dogs to eat in small amounts, many pet owners want to know if their dogs can eat black pepper.

It is generally safe for your dog to eat black pepper, but you want them only to consume small amounts. We’ll explain how black pepper can affect your dog and some things to look out for when feeding your dog table scraps.

Can Dogs Eat Yams? 6 Facts You Need To Know

Reading Time: 4 minutes Potatoes are nutritious root vegetables that provide essential nutrients and starches. But can dogs eat yams, sweet potatoes, and potatoes? That depends on the potato and whether it has been cooked.

Potatoes are a common ingredient in commercial dog foods because of their minerals and vitamins that can improve your dog’s health and coat. But yams and potatoes must be cooked and given to your dog in small amounts. We’ll cover six facts you need to know before feeding yams to your dog.

Food Aggression And What To Do About It

Dog eating out of bowl

Reading Time: 8 minutes If a dog displays aggression to protect their food, it can become a severe problem. Not only does it pose a risk to other dogs or humans in the house, but over time it can cause the dog to become possessive over everything.  Related: The Best Sources Of Calcium For Your Dogs What Is Food … Read more

Healthy Weight – Weight Gainer for Dogs

Reading Time: 2 minutes NEW PRODUCT: HEALTHY WEIGHT FOR DOGS Austin, TX. November 2020. — Rogue Pet Science is excited to announce the availability of the first food-based weight gainer available on the market, HEALTHY WEIGHT. Rogue Pet Science continues to answer the call from pet owners for healthy products from real food sources, focusing on active nutrition formulas. … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Can dogs eat eggs? The short answer is yes, but keep reading, and we’ll tell you why. Are eggs good for dogs? Eggs are an excellent source of protein, and protein is vital for dogs. Eggs are the gold standard for protein because they’re almost a 100% complete protein. They also provide linoleic acid and … Read more

The Best 10 High Fiber Foods For Your Dog

fiber for dogs

Reading Time: 8 minutes Adding fiber to your dog’s diet is essential to improve your dog’s health. The Whole Dog Journal reports that fiber provides valuable nutrients to the colon’s cells and bacteria. Fiber can also prevent the absorption of some toxins. Rogue Pet Science prides itself on health and nutrition education for dogs – we know a thing or two about high fiber dog food. Below we list some great brand options that can be found in most pet stores, and some of the best natural sources of fiber.

How to Choose the Right Dog Training Treats

A woman giving her dog a treat

Reading Time: 5 minutes Picking the right training treat is vital when training your dog. It could make a massive difference between an unsuccessful training session and a successful one. Expert trainers have mainly used treats to teach new behaviors in dogs.  An American psychologist by the name of B.F. Skinner, who evolved the principle of operant conditioning. This … Read more

Pumpkin Pro Is A first For Pets In Many Ways

Pumpkin Pro Product

Reading Time: 2 minutes NEW PRODUCT: PUMPKIN PRO For DOGS  Austin, TX. June 2020. — Rogue Pet Science™( announced today their new product, Pumpkin Pro for dogs, is now widely available. Pumpkin Pro was created to fix loose stools (diarrhea). It comes as a powder and contains human-grade organic pumpkin, an industry first. No more cans, no more water, … Read more


Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you heard you can stop feeding treats that look like and can double as pencil erasers to your Dog? Real soft meat break apart dog treats are here! ROGUE PET SCIENCE – KC Strips!  They come in 6 protein based Flavors! What does that mean? That means we aren’t tricking your dog into eating molasses … Read more