Is Your Chew Safe?

You’ve just opened your dog’s kennel door to find it has artificially snowed, or rather exploded in bedding fluff. Your pup looks up at you with his version of a get-out-of-jail-free card (those sweet brown puppy-dog eyes.) He’s very proud of his accomplishment of destroying that pesky dog bed. A dog’s natural instinct is to…
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The Rogue Standard

Rogue by definition is behaving in a way that is not normal or expected. Our mission is to help owners take control of their pet’s health. We have extreme intent in every avenue we pursue in the animal health industry. Our motto is, if it’s not adding value, it’s subtracting. Our roots run deep in…
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The Benefits of Raw-Type Feeding

Raw Feeding – the practice of giving your dog raw meat, bones, fruit and vegetables – is becoming a popular dietary trend among pet owners. The idea behind this concept is that dogs will thrive on an evolutionary diet of foods based on what they ate before they were domesticated. If the very thought of…
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The Link Between Gut Health and Allergies

Over 25% of all dogs in the United States are affected by allergies. It is commonly thought of that allergic reactions are symptoms of being exposed to things such as dust, pollen, grass, certain types of food, fleas, etc. Sadly, allergies seem to be the scapegoat answer of many medical professionals to explain away these…
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Why You Should Be Concerned With Your Dog’s Gut Health

According to the results of a recent survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the amount that people spend on their pets has quadrupled from 1994 to 2016. In 2015, pet owners spent almost $16 million dollars in veterinary care alone.  This is due in part to the trend of humans bonding more…
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Dog Food Hack #3 – Myth vs Truth

Myth: Commercial dog food has the good fat. Truth: It actually has the bad fat. Lots of it! We’re talking chicken fat, beef tallow and other dubious ingredients. This fat source is full of empty calories. At Rogue, we use the natural fat content of fishmeal to improve total health inside and out! Myth: A shiny coat is…
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Dog Food Hack #2: Trust Your Nose

Author: Nathan Dewsbury Did you know…all dry commercial dog food, aka kibble, is basically the same? For all intents and purposes, no matter what the starting quality of ingredients (real or perceived), they all become a denatured extruded product. On your next pet food store excursion, while on a mission to find the best value…
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Dog Food Hack #1: Just Add Water

Author: Nathan Dewsbury Did you know…adding water to your dog’s food has multiple benefits? Choosing a healthful, nutritious dog food is vital to your dog’s health. Beyond your food choice, however, adding water to your dog’s food benefits your dog (and you) in several ways no matter what dry dog food you choose. Here’s why:…
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2016 Wild West Kelpie Muster

Congratulations to the 2016 Winners of the Wild West Kelpie Muster in Mountainair, NM! Enjoy your free supplement gifts! Sponsored by Rogue Dog Feed Kevin Lippe won High Combined Levels 1 & 3 and Reserve High Combined Level 2 & 3! Chris Vaught won High Combined Level 2! Marissa Taylor won Reserve High Combined Level 1!

No Guts…No Glory – Gut Health Series (Part 1 of 4)

I’d like to introduce a new perspective on how we view the health of dogs and why we need to start thinking differently to truly act in their best interest. The real concept of “gut health” is a complex topic, but one worth sharing. We are going to discuss this in detail over four articles…
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