Rogue Pet Science: A Complete Guide to Gastric Ulcers in Horses

A Complete Guide to Gastric Ulcers in Horses

Reading Time: 4 minutes Gastric ulcers affect 69% of horses, according to Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine. But some horse breeds are particularly susceptible. For example, 93% of endurance horses and 70% of racehorses develop ulcers. If your horse has gastric ulcers or you suspect that they might have ulcers, then you’ll want to read our complete guide to gastric

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A woman giving her dog a treat

How to Choose the Right Training Treats

Reading Time: 5 minutes Picking the right training treat is vital when training your dog. It could make a massive difference between an unsuccessful training session and a successful one. Expert trainers have mainly used treats to teach new behaviors in dogs.  An American psychologist by the name of B.F. Skinner, who evolved the principle of operant conditioning. This

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Rogue Pet Science: How Long Do Horses Live?

Reading Time: 4 minutes While a horse passes its physical peak at about ten to fifteen years, a domestic horse can live between 25 to 33 years. This age is much older than most domesticated animals. In recent years, the oldest recorded age of a horse was 56 held by a horse named Sugar Puff, according to Several factors

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Happy Healthy Dogs Use Origins 5in1

Why Origins 5in1 is the Best Probiotic for Dogs

Reading Time: 6 minutes Probiotics provide the microbial community your dog needs to keep their gastrointestinal system functioning correctly. Microbial diversity, the good bacteria and yeast, are health boosters for your dog, strengthening their gut health and immune system.

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Rescue or a breeder? Ultimately the choice is up to you

Reading Time: 5 minutes Why is it that the most extreme positions seem to hold the conversation? The rest of us are left in the middle avoiding conversation at all costs…… The Moderate & Reasonable Position The moderate and reasonable always make up the silent/silenced majority right? Man why does writing this feel like such a huge risk? Should

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Facebook News

Reading Time: < 1 minute Made a California edition Rogue Ammo Can Did the Rogue logo in a Laguna blue to send out to Officer Baxter and K9-Xoro in support of their Charity fundraiser for their K-9 unit program. As long time followers of K9 Xoro, we are very honored to be included in Melanoma Park PD fundraiser. Follow K9

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The Rogue Standard

Reading Time: 2 minutes Rogue by definition is behaving in a way that is not normal or expected. Our mission is to help owners take control of their pet’s health. We have extreme intent in every avenue we pursue in the animal health industry. Our motto is, if it’s not adding value, it’s subtracting. Our roots run deep in

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