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Austin, TX. November 2020. — Rogue Pet Science is excited to announce the availability of the first food-based weight gainer available on the market, HEALTHY WEIGHT. Rogue Pet Science continues to answer the call from pet owners for healthy products from real food sources, focusing on active nutrition formulas.

healthy Weight For dogs

For Dogs Needing To Gain Or Maintain Weight

Healthy Weight is made for dogs needing to gain and/or maintain weight.  It is a high-calorie, high-value supplement made from real, organic food sources. Working and hunting dogs, performance dogs, and all dogs that have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight can benefit from adding Healthy Weight to their diet.

High Quality, From Real Food

Since entering the pet space with their original Origins 5in1 Supplement,  Rogue Pet Science has come across a variety of low quality, high calorie weight gainer products being pushed on dog owners. These low quality products come in every format: powder, liquid, or chews. 

Simply Add To Your Dog’s Existing Food For Great Results!

Rogue’s mission has always been to elevate the bar for the pet industry as a whole. While most dogs do not need additional calories, there are some dogs that absolutely can benefit from them. Healthy Weight creates an opportunity to either boost total calories, diversify nutrition, or increase nutrition while reducing highly processed calories from a pet’s diet.

Independent pet retailers that carry Rogue Pet Science’s product line have been requesting a new product that addresses the weight gain issue for dogs. Now that Healthy Weight is available, they are excited to recommend it as a specific remedy for dogs that have trouble maintaining the proper weight. Healthy Weight is a food topper that does not require a complete diet change, it is simply added to a dog’s existing food. 

Rogue Pet Science has done a lot of research on the ingredients that are in Healthy Weight, focusing on a high value, food-based product that is good for dogs.  Rogue’s focus is entirely on high quality products, and it breaks their heart when people feed their dogs low quality products. 

Rogue has fought the weight gainer messaging long enough in the performance, hunting, and show dog world. Healthy Weight is an Active Nutrition focused product that will provide the support to dogs that need additional calories to maintain optimal body condition and optimal performance. HEALTHY WEIGHT is High Value Calories from Whole Food Sources.

An Innovative Pet Company Making Innovative Pet Products

The pet space is overrun, just like the human space, with me-too products with little to no sourcing information, zero testing for confirmation of the presence of the marketed beneficial components, and zero requirement for any testing proving the product is bringing benefits.

Rogue’s expertise and “in the trenches approach” to pet nutrition makes them an innovator in the pet products industry while raising the bar for other brands.

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