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Austin, TX /May 2020/– The Texas based natural pet product development company, Rogue Pet Science, announced today the merging of KC Canine’s pet treat line under the Rogue banner of products. The new rebranding of the product will be known as KC Strips and will not undergo any additional changes in ingredients, ingredient sources or manufacturing changes.

Small companies like Rogue Pet Science have been trying to grind out a space for themselves in the pet marketplace. Some of these small companies become locally known, others regional, and a few national. Many don’t make it, a sad fact of entrepreneurship. When COVID-19 hit, and we all had to stay home, we were forced to change our business model and try new ways of doing business just to survive.

New Approaches To Survive & Thrive

Along with an aggressive online marketing & sales strategy, we began to imagine the opportunity to bring in another small company to add to our product line. We needed a company with established products, supply chain, and customers to bring into our Rogue brand. Most importantly, the products needed to fit who we are and what we already make for our customers.

We have encountered many small companies across the country facing many of the same challenges that Rouge Pet Science has faced. What is unique is finding one that sets standards for themselves that mimic our own. We were looking for a company with an approach of creating truly new and unique products for pets and their owners.

Rogue Pet Science Is Excited To Announce Our New Product Line

Rogue Pet Science will be absorbing KC Canine’s full line of single protein dog treats. Bill Schwing, the owner of KC Canine, has done something very special with KC Canine. The company creates a line of soft meat jerky treats. His attention to quality production, and U.S. sourcing with traceability for the proteins, is at a level that we ourselves would demand when trying to create any product. We were more than excited at the opportunity to put our efforts together and help expand the reach of a great American brand like KC Canine.

Much like our own Rogue products, this is not some turnkey “me too” offering that KC Canine has developed. KC Canine has worked hard to establish production with a USDA human grade facility to manufacture their product. That means that all ingredients in this product have to meet USDA standards. So while it’s not possible to make a dog treat that is good enough for humans on a label, it is possible to create a human product that is meant for dogs, and that is what he has done!

Small Companies Need To Come Together For Strength

Under the current situation of this unexpected pandemic and the challenging environment we are already seeing unfold, we know that the ability for companies like ours to band together and form stronger offerings to our customers and store partners is an essential part of a greater strategy to compete against the huge players and preserve and grow our companies.

Nothing about what either KC Canine or Rogue Pet Science has developed is turnkey or simple. Not our sourcing or production, and certainly not our distribution or marketing strategy. We have always wanted to figure out a way to bring amazing brands together, those who are making their own way in the space. Together, we can create a force of change that will bring the best products to more stores, pet owners, and, most importantly, pets.

Not every product or company would make sense to go under the Rogue Pet Science name. We are constantly looking for ways to help other companies that don’t make sense for the Rogue brand. Hopefully, this partnership will inspire others to consider the strength that coming together could have for each of their own companies and products.

We know that KC Canine and Rogue Pet Science are the first of many more of these types of partnerships to come as a result of the new challenges we all face. Rogue Pet Science is happy to be a part of preserving and strengthening the impact of honest pet products for many years to come.

Rogue Pet Science and KC Canine and their respective logos are trademarks and/or service marks of Rogue Pet Science LLC. All other trademarks, service marks and trade names referred to in this press release are the property of their respective owners.

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