Pumpkin and Turmeric Products For Dogs – Are They Tools Or A Crutch?

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Pumpkin and Turmeric are becoming standard added food supplements for many dogs. Pumpkin and other ingredients like Turmeric can have their place but understanding why...
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Pumpkin And Turmeric Are Becoming Standard Added Food Supplements For Many Dogs

The reality is that Pumpkin and other ingredients like Turmeric can have their place but understanding why it’s being added and assessing what you are trying to achieve is equally important.

Pumpkin Helps With Loose Stools

Many people use pumpkin for loose stools. While the added fiber present will certainly firm things up, that doesn’t mean you have addressed the real cause of your problem.

Using pumpkin to help manage a loose stool situation temporarily, or manage the potential of loose stools around times of stress is a strategy that can make good sense. If every time you travel with or leave your pup behind they get loose stools, knowing that and starting Pumpkin Pro prior to, during, and after for a few days could be a great strategy for managing that stress response.

If pumpkin is becoming a long-term solution to loose stools, that is probably not the right solution. Assessing why you began it in the first place can be important to understanding if you are optimizing the health of your animal or putting a bandaid on a symptom that could be minimizing your efforts for optimizing health and/or performance.

Turmeric, on the other hand, has earned a reputation as an anti-inflammatory agent. The reality is that it’s a root and in its natural form (raw or powder), it will be very difficult for your dog to digest and actually absorb any of the beneficial nutrients it contains. So why would you opt for feeding something that is costing real money, in a format that’s not providing the intended benefit, but is creating expensive indigestible fiber filled dog poop?

Beneficial Nutrition Found In Natural Ingredients

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Roots like Turmeric and Ginger contain many potentially beneficial ingredients, like curcuminoids, and that is why understanding how to present them to a dog/cat/carnivore digestive tract is super important to ensuring they can bring the benefits intended.

Fermentation Makes Nutrients More Available

So, how can we ensure these beneficial roots have the best possible impact for our pets? The answer is Fermentation. Fermentation should be viewed as pre-digesting the food/ingredients. This process allows for the breakdown of these hard-to-digest substances, as well as for microbes added to the fermentation process to do the conversion and create the many important secondary biomolecules, post-biotics, vitamins and fatty acids. The method of collection of the fermented material becomes equally important to preserving all of these nutrients in the final product as the important aspects are generated in liquid and organic phases.

It’s our understanding of the importance of these presentations of unfermented ingredients and fermented ingredients that allowed Rogue Pet Science to create Pumpkin Pro.

Improving The Diet Of Our Pets Should Be The First Thing We Do

Pumpkin Pro can be a potent nutritional supplement used daily for dogs or it can be a better tool for those using canned pumpkin alone to manage loose stools and stress.

The combination of All Human Grade Organic Ingredients and combining just the meat of the pumpkin (NO SEEDS OR SKIN), whole fermented organic turmeric root, and whole fermented organic ginger root provide a fast acting GI relief combination. This method ensures the nutrition present is in the best format to be available and beneficial to our pets.

How Many Natural Minerals & Vitamins Are In Pumpkin Pro?



Vitamins in Pumpkin Pro

The Best Pumpkin Supplement: Pumpkin Pro

Pumpkin Pro Testimonial

Here at Rogue Pet Science, our entire goal has been to fix problems such as stress management and gut health for all dogs. We can do this quickly, naturally and with little cost. We can do this because we believe in being a real solution for all dog owners by putting dog health before money to earn your trust. We invite you to try Pumpkin Pro because we truly believe it is the best pumpkin-plus product for dogs and cats on the market. Our products have the first ever 100% No Bull Sh*t Guarantee. The only risk is not seeing your pet thriving at their very best!

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