Relief From dogs Licking Paws – A Natural Approach (Part 1)

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Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws? What Is The Best Way To Stop it?

Is your dog one of the many dogs that struggle with excessive paw licking? Is it seasonal or year-round licking? Do you think it’s allergies or have you been told it is allergies? The truth is that the term “allergies” is a catch-all term that means we don’t really know for sure what is causing your dog to lick their paws. Keep reading, relief is on the way.

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

One of the immediate reasons could be environmental. Reactions to something environmental may be “a problem” but not “the problem.” There is a difference! It could also be food-based or ingredient intolerance, but this is truly rare and never at the root of the real problem. There are more reasons that explain paw licking as a “symptom” to a secondary problem. Other secondary problems of “allergies” that result from excessive paw licking is that dogs can develop yeast, bacteria or fungi overgrowth. Ever see a dog with white feet with red staining between the toes? 

(On the left) This dog was licking his feet raw. (On the right) After 4 weeks on Origins Canine 5 in 1, his feet have healed without changing his food, medication or special shampoo. This dog’s name is Bullet and his humans live in the Netherlands just outside of Amsterdam.

Your Dog Could Be Licking Their Paws Due To Stress

In many cases the dogs lick their feet because of stress. Most owners end up in what seems like an endless cycle of food changes or expensive medication with shots and/or pills to manage the issue. Some see improvement, but a lot don’t! Sure, you might get a result by changing food, but for the most part it will not last and owners will be wondering why did it stop working? Did the company change the formula? Then the cycle of chasing down a solution starts all over. This might manage the problem you see, but not the root of the issue that you can’t see.  

The Immune System & The GI Tract Connection

Some factors that cause dogs to lick their feet are known and controllable, while other factors are not as easily managed. So, what can we do? We can start by understanding that all of these factors are managed by a system of networks in your dog’s body, mainly the immune system via the GI Tract. Origins Canine 5 in 1 Supplement is an engineered gut health promoter to help the GI tract by supporting your pet’s bodily systems to do what it does best…manage the stress load!

How Allergies Are Viewed In Dogs

By viewing allergies in a slightly different way, we can explain why small changes (i.e. food, shampoo, creams, meds) work, often only for a short time, before coming back. Or the change or treatment didn’t work at all, which happens a lot! 

Various allergies allegedly impact a quarter of all dogs in the United States. But allergies are also the scape-goat answer to explain away:

  • Dogs licking paws
  • Hot-spots
  • Biting & itching
  • Secondary infections
  • Hair loss, skin conditions
  • Yeast infections (ears, feet & body)
  • Excessive shedding
  • Intestinal issues and much more!

Unfortunately, commonly suggested solutions — food changes, bathing, oatmeal shampoo, medication, energized crystal waters — only attempt to attack a system level problem with a pointed single symptom approach. The analogy would be, trying to dam a river to stop the flow of water by adding one pebble at a time. Thankfully, veterinarians are finally changing their views on pet health to address the root cause.

How should we view allergies? You guessed it, with a gut health mindset, the epicenter of total stress management control!

Total Stress Management For Dogs

Imagine that every day, many things add a little bit of water to a cup, the cup being the total stress the body can manage before you add too much and it overflows. The water that overflows the cup is a symptom showing up in your dog, like the licking of the feet.

The more the cup overflows the harder it is to get things back under the threshold where a symptom will go away, instead, progressing to major outward problems. Total stress management is critical. Balancing out and or removing negative stress additive factors is how owners can provide relief to allergy-related issues like paw licking. Easier said than done… or is it?

What Are The Sources of Stress?

Seasonal changesWarming/Cooling cycles can easily add stress by drying the skin that can cause minor itching/irritation from the outside. Seasonal viruses and bacteria are a factor that can negatively impact the dog’s immune system via multiple pathways (respiratory, oral, GI tract). This all adds to more stress on the total system work load.
Water quality Chemicals and trace levels of antibiotics in water negatively impact the microbes and local gut environment, which collectively alters and hinders the balance with long term negative impacts. This favors a “bad” microbe population which also adds stress to the dog’s total system.

Dry & Processed Food Items 
(snacks, treats, etc. )

These can cause low to mild immune response in the GI tract and add additional workload to the immune system to manage on top of everything else.


Bodily injuries elevate the immune system, repair mechanisms, and create additional caloric needs to support the repair while supporting the immune response, which has a draining effect on the total system. Mostly it opens the door to attack for opportunistic issues (i.e. mites, yeast, genetic/autoimmune, etc.)


As your dog ages, the natural reduction of immune response rate and bodily system efficiencies create vulnerability, which indirectly adds stress from a management point of not keeping up.


Not enough exercise or too much adds stress in different ways. Some amount of metabolic stress will help keep the immune system, thus the body, responsive while clearing away waste build-up; but excessive exercise drastically raises metabolic activities and creates up-regulated stress response from micro-trauma of the muscles. Too much exercise with an already over stressed system is a bad combination.


Nearly all medication has a negative impact on the GI Tract. Antibiotics have a larger negative impact on the good microbes, which changes the gut environment and will lower the immune supporting defenses they give. Antacids also have a negative impact on the lining if the intestinal tract, which directly injures the intestinal lining cells allowing pro-inflammatory events.

Real allergies

Adds immune system stress and requires additional calories to run an elevated immune response.

Origins Canine 5 in 1 Is The Solution For Licking Feet.

Here at Rogue Pet Science, our entire goal has been to fix problems such as stress management and gut health for all dogs. We can do this quickly, naturally and with little cost. We can do this because, we believe in being a real solution for all dog owners by putting dog health before money to earn your trust. We invite you to try Origins Canine 5 in 1 Supplement to stop your dog from licking their paws & improve your dog’s gut health. Our products have the first ever 100% No Bull Sh*t Guarantee. The only risk is not seeing your dog thriving at their very best!

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