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We know concern about the COVID-19 is on your mind. It’s on ours too. This post is a message from us…we want to share the information we have, the efforts we are taking, and what we know as “insiders” that very few people have heard!  

As this is a longer post, here is a summary of the information:

  • Dogs are safe from being afflicted by COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean they can’t spread it
  • University of Texas & NuGenerex might have a vaccine for COVID-19 in the next 90 days
  • Rogue manufacturing has taken additional steps to ensure the safety of products
  • No expected back-order of Rogue products..the benefits of U.S. ONLY sourced ingredients!
  • Bulk ordering of Rogue products has always been available.. Details below
  • Local stores have you covered…think about them before going to Chewy’s or Amazon!
  • Look out for you neighbors as others’ need help amongst the insanity of an overactive population

What We Know: Dogs and COVID-19

Dogs are Safe! Based on the best available information from the World Health Organization and other experts, dogs do not appear to be at risk to contract or carry the COVID-19 virus. So, we can continue to rely on our four-legged friends to bring us some much-needed joyfulness.

Here is a link to one of the most animal-focused and good information concerning pets and animals correlated to COVID-19:

What We Know: Humans & COVID-19

A friend and Rogue customer, Dr. Terrell, sent me this information on his work with other advanced health focused companies:

“Nate, I do some part-time work with NuGenerex ImmunoOncology (NGIO) and combined their immuno-oncology platform with UT’s structural biology lab’s capability to make a coronavirus vaccine! Below are some links for you review. On February 28th,  NGIO received a fully-funded, government sponsored contract to provide China with nCoV vaccines.  The platform utilizes a novel “ii-Key” 4 amino acid peptide synthetically linked to simple, standard peptide antigen epitopes.  Ii-Key binds allosterically adjacent to the HLA-II binding domain, bypassing the normal antigen internalization-processing-presentation process to deliver therapeutic antigen directly to surface HLA-II with >100X activity and fewer off target effects without the need for adjuvant co-administration.  It’s 100% synthetic so it can be mass produced quickly and cost effectively.  The previous toxicology/safety studies and phase I-II efficacy with ii-Key + multiple peptides are sufficient for China to begin administering it to patients within 90 days.  Then Chinese post-market clinical data can satisfy accelerated approval by other countries during pandemic emergencies.  UT-Austin’s new cryo-EM lab 3D mapped the nCoV S protein (UT News article and publication) so, for the first time ever, we’re able to screen and select from only external epitopes visually confirmed to be accessible.  It’s cool science and will hopefully help slow the spread.”

So what does this mean? The power and importance behind this global issue is that there’s a possibility for a new vaccine to be ready to use in humans within 90 days given the reporting from NuGenerex! This doesn’t mean we can slack off and do less of our parts to protect ourselves and family. Just means help is on the way!

What Is Rogue Doing Differently?

The advantage of having all locally sourced ingredients is that we don’t have to worry about supply issues or biohazard risks being faced overseas. Our ingredient supplies are safe and not in danger of being out of stock or on back order.

One of the biggest points we’ve been proud of is that our products are being bagged and warehoused in an FDA regulated facility. This has always afforded us and our customers higher standards of cleanliness and care than most pet products facilities. With higher levels of automation comes less human contact and easier to clean surfaces which ensures these high standards.

Additional Efforts in Manufacturing:

  • We will be sanitizing every touchable surface more often, depending on the traffic. This includes entrance and exit doors, all counter surfaces, and machine touch screens.
  • Employees will use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility, between every station, and existing the facility. 
  • Various face shields and masks are already a part of daily use in areas of manufacturing, these will continue to be used to protect products and bag surfaces.
  • Increased site security. Non-essential personnel are working from home and all site visits are suspended.

Online & Bulk Ordering Available To Limit Contact

Bulk ordering of Rogue products has always been available. If you’re wanting to add a few more bags or products to last a month longer than you normally buy, we can help. Ordering in bulk can limit the amount of interactions. (Bulk ordering is available here:

Choose Local in our Communities: It’s Who We Are!

Being able to work remotely from home or the road is a blessing. Being able to help others in our local city that need assistance or supplies is something we can absolutely do! Not everyone will be able to take off from work, while others need help preparing to take off when they can.

Think Local, Support Local, Buy Local – Everything We Should Be Doing Already

There are many small shops, restaurants and other businesses that rely so much on daily community support that will be drastically affected by the lack of customers.

Before you turn to Chewy and Amazon for your pet needs, think about your local pet store instead! We speak for every small business in our community. Please don’t give up on them. Keep them in your thoughts and support them if possible. 

  • Curbside Pick-up – Call and see if they will do curbside carry out for you. 
  • Home delivery – Most of your local pet stores have already instituted home-delivery or curbside pick-up. Take advantage of this!
  • Touch-less transactions – Some stores have altered their payment methods to drastically reduce or eliminate the need for you to touch PIN pads or touch screens

We will, of course, be monitoring the situation closely, and will update you immediately if there are any changes. Until then, be safe, wash your hands, and most importantly, hug your pets.

Blake & Nate
Rogue Pet Science

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