The Rogue Standard

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Rogue by definition is behaving in a way that is not normal or expected. Our mission is to help owners take control of their pet’s health. We have extreme intent in every avenue we pursue in the animal health industry. Our motto is, if it’s not adding value, it’s subtracting.

Our roots run deep in the Lone Star State. We source our Origins supplement in Texas with 100% traceability and sustainability. That means we know specifically the location in the Gulf of Mexico that our wild-caught fish was harvested. We trust our local producers and add an extra layer of verification to confirm the safety of their product. We are militant in demanding things be done the right way. Rogue supports local businesses who push the envelope by exceeding expectations.

We are revolutionizing nutrition standards in the pet food industry and setting the bar high. Rogue is intentionally defiant with our approach to dog health and nutrition. With over five years of proven scientific development of our Origins supplement, we’ve created an easy and complete system to correct canine nutrition deficits that are causing issues in modern-day dogs. Our products were developed to boost the health of your pet and extend their years by your side.

It’s time to saddle-up; we are the outlaws of the pet food industry. Are you ready to go Rogue?

Nathan Dewsbury, (part-time scientist and full-time field-specialist) is founder and CEO of Rogue Pet Feed. He’s spent 15 years working in the global animal health markets, feed manufacturing, and is passionate about animal nutrition education. Nathan is a two-time Texas A&M graduate, an accomplished dog trainer, and a published author in canine genetics. When he’s not working he can be found exploring the outdoors with his wife Stacy and their son Wyatt where he enjoys spending time training dogs to work livestock.

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