Dog Food Hack #3 – Myth vs Truth

Myth: Commercial dog food has the good fat.
Truth: It actually has the bad fat. Lots of it! We’re talking chicken fat, beef tallow and other dubious ingredients. This fat source is full of empty calories. At Rogue, we use the natural fat content of fishmeal to improve total health inside and out!

Myth: A shiny coat is a healthy coat.
A shiny coat is actually an oily coat. Think about it. What if your skin began taking on a shiny appearance? I doubt you’d be excited. Your pet’s shine comes from greasy, fatty dog food and that is nothing to brag about!

Myth: When it comes to protein for dogs, anything will do.
Protein type matters. Fish is actually the best protein source for canines, promoting complete digestion and absorption. It also creates less waste, Wahoo! We use only menhaden white fish to ensure the highest digestion rate. And this includes fish oil—a scientifically backed fat source–to support total species health.

Myth: Dogs don’t need enzymatic support.
Dogs greatly benefit from digestive enzymes and probiotics, just as humans do. We include both in Rogue Dog Feed’s Dark Horse supplement. They promote immunity and greater health in dogs.

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