Dog Food Hack #2: Trust Your Nose

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Author: Nathan Dewsbury

Did you know…all dry commercial dog food, aka kibble, is basically the same? For all intents and purposes, no matter what the starting quality of ingredients (real or perceived), they all become a denatured extruded product.

On your next pet food store excursion, while on a mission to find the best value and nutrition for your dog, don’t compare labels on the off-chance of finding the hidden formula that will change your dog’s life. Instead….trust your nose. When, if ever, did your high-order label analysis match the smell that emanated from the bag you opened at home?

For a minute let’s assume you opened all the different types of kibble in a pet food store. Then commenced to smell every bag in the hopes of discovering which meat source was used or in an effort to play the byproduct guessing game. Could you identify any ingredient on the label, let alone which protein source was used? Skipping over the fact that most of the national label, private brand, and “ultra-special” kibble is made by only a few manufacturing sites, the one commonality to realize is that they are all extruded products.

What is extrusion you ask? Ah, good question. Think pressure cooker tied into a spaghetti maker. In dog food extrusion, dried and stabilized ingredients are channeled through a high-pressure cooking system. Moisture is added and ingredients undergo another cooking stage at roughly 203°F. Heat is the enemy of protein molecules—it changes the structure and affects quality of protein molecules, which don’t return to their original structure. The cooked ingredients are then forced through a sieve, like a pasta maker, with pressurized air streams that determine the ultimate shape and length of the product when pushed (extruded) through the sieve. It’s not over yet! The extruded kibble pieces are dried, then sprayed with a preserved and rendered animal fat, dried again, possibly dusted with a marketed health product or even a flavor additive.

Through this extended process, nutrient value of the original ingredients is lost, with many processing steps adding cost to the starting ingredients yet negatively changing and altering them at the molecular level. Could you honestly say that the labels you thoughtfully analyze which claim no-hormone, non-GMO, hand-fed, deboned bison meat meal produce food of the same quality once it undergoes extrusion?

I know what you’re thinking: this production process must be specifically required to make pet food, right? Nope. Extrusion is the same process used to make crunchy-cheesy coated chips, many infant/toddler puffed snacks, breakfast cereals, and more. The phrases “puffed” or “air puffed” are give‑away terms of extruded products. The difference is the final shape or presentation of the product. Starting components of canned or “wet” food for animals is often extruded as well. Whenever extrusion is used, nutrient value is diminished.

What can dog owners do? Trust your nose. Give Rogue Dog Feed products the sniff test. You’ll smell the difference. Rogue Dog Feed Company develops its products to help every dog owner close the nutritional gap caused by commercial kibble. Rogue exercises common sense to avoid the extrusion process and keep value in food ingredients. Food and supplements made through our process help enable your animals to thrive.

5 thoughts on “Dog Food Hack #2: Trust Your Nose”

  1. I received your free sample today. Thanks so much! I would appreciate your guidance in telling me how much to feed my 27-lb Shetland Sheepdog. He goes for short walks amounting to approximately 1-1/2 hours per day.

    Thank you


  2. Your product was recommended for my older Aussie who was diagnosed with proboscis and doggie Alzheimer’s. I have since feed it to all 4 of my Aussies: high drive, high energy who do agility. They love it. My goal is healthy, lean athletes. Their ages are 5 years, 18 and 14 months. Is this the right product for all 4 of them, and how much should I order?
    Thanks for your assistance.

    [email protected]

    1. The Origins will be great for all the dogs. The work I did to develop this for performance dogs will allow your foundation of nutrition and health is there to allow maximum performance to be achieved. Without nutrition and health, there could be no top level performance. A rate of 1/4 cup per day per dog is ideal for Aussies. Easing them onto supplement over 2-3 days is highly encouraged. We also advise checking over all body condition after 2 weeks to ensure they haven’t added too much excess weight due to the ability of Origins to increase digestibility of dry foods, thus unlocking hidden nutrition in their existing diets.

      Even the older special needs dog will be great on the supplement. The science behind all facets of this supplement support total body health and better helps the support og the body to rebuild/manage health issues.

      A 5lb bag per month will last you with 4 dogs.

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